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Yuruyuri is artful.

Holy frijoles.

It’ll be obvious to a lot of people that this “4 girls doing stuff” setup is boring to a lot of people, but the consistency in the art production is rather surprising. No, that doesn’t mean the entire series looks like the above screencap. (But good lord that would be amazing. In a different way.) Taking a look at who’s doing the main animation production gave me more questions. There were so many secondary animation studios helping out in episode 1. Episode 6 is a milestone, because.. Chinatsu drew the above picture. I’m just reeling with omfg and anticipation as I was watching the horrid art proceed to the next frame. It really reminds you that sometimes it’s not how well something is drawn, but what it ends up looking like.

Speaking of art, Yuruyuri is a surprising contender for the Most Consistent Art Award. Squishes, stretches, and follow up animation still showing up throughout the show. It came with a few shortcuts here and there, but nothing to be all Minami-ke about it.

Minami-ke had three seasons. There, I said it.