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Ore no Imouto – 04

Oh, lordy. Kate/Starry Night – Unlicensed Blade Works?


Checkpoint: Highschool of the Dead – Episode 4

おさけ! おさけ!

There’s a reason why I am not providing a screencap of HOTD Eps. 4; a recap episode is not needed this early in a series. I couldn’t help but skip ahead, breaking the tension and mood it may have wanted to create. A recap episode this early. My gut reaction to this series was that I had a hunch that if this series starts off on such a high note, it will stumble upon itself at some point, and leave a very bad taste afterward. I only watched about 10 minutes of new content. It almost seemed a complete waste of time, so I went back to the beginning to watch it without skipping. Only then was I able to confirm to myself that I wasted my time. Ugh. I hope Episode 5 doesn’t end up being the signal for “we already ran out of ideas”.

I’m going to go watch series that anime bloggers lambast for odd reasons and go enjoy myself. And drink おさけ!