Maserbeamdotcom  Angry god fists are a dime a dozen.

Miyanaga-san would be proud of me.

I could have sworn I saw lightning come out of my monitor.

As a casual fan of the anime Saki and the sport it’s based on, I think this image says it all. Rin-shan-kaihou, bitches!


Nyan Koi Episode 9


Nyan Koi is pretty epic. I think this image does a good job of capturing the epicness. Did I say epic? Clearly not enough.

This series ended up being a big catch. I’ve said it before in my podcasts, but there’s nothing wrong with formulaic plot, settings, and characters. It’s all in the execution. And once in a while I attribute it to superior character design, but I don’t know about that one here. Otherwise, it’s raised itself from a lower tier to a higher one after every couple of episodes.