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Oh, dubs. Sometimes effort.


It really sucks when I actually support dubs. Shows like Bamboo Blade and Ookiku Furikabutte in my opinion have received top-tier voice acting, just to name some uncommon titles. But all too often there’s a case of either simply less than adequate voice work due to whatever, and unintentionally funny translations that would have never happened unless it was in English.

In the top image I have for you, is the scene in Sword Art Online where Kirito is comforting Silica over the death of Pina, her beast familiar. (Or however heck they explain it.) I was curious about the show’s Adult Swim run, so I watched four episodes of the dub, since I’d at least see Silica. Nothing exceptional about the Japanese audio track in episode 4, last I recall. In English, the line spoken by Kirito is, “Hey, don’t cry. That means Pina’s heart is still here.”

What I heard is: “Hey, don’t cry. That means penis hearts still here.”

The sincerity that’s supposed to come across is now shattered forever, with the echo on the wind: penis hearts.

I’m also having a hard time finding any doujins of Rosalia. Someone point me in the right direction.


Invasion of English Girl

Oh.. no.

I was not able to handle this episode. I thought I’d be able to handle Engrish, but this is genuine Japanese English. The effort put into grabbing english speaking actors went full throttle and beat up my nutbladder beyond recognition. Of course most of this is hyperbole, but I can’t ignore the Japanese-ness of it. There’s still that hint of it, but it’s clearly spoken in a way that a Japanese person would understand. It’s interesting to listen to the kind of inflections that is acceptable for public Japanese TV, because a very low percentage of Japan would be able to decipher the subtleties that are in Californian english, or…

Bah. Who am I kidding? The engrish in this episode was awesome. I was laughing and facepalming the entire segment. Go watch it now. I’ll even forgive you for not meandering around my website. Just watch it! Squid Girl/Shinryaku! Ika Musume season two. No excuse to not know what I’m talking about anymore.