Where are my Ebina Hina doujins?


I can’t wait for those Ebina Hina doujins. Seriously though, I always seem to have these silly fantasies of side characters that will never get attention. The last time I picked such an obviously off-the-beaten path character to pine for was Rosalia from Sword Art Online. I felt she sported a rather unique flair compared to everyone introduced as a ‘friendly’. I really liked her character design and weapon choice as well. It bums me that characters like that are never given the limelight. Or any kind of fruit based light. Maybe bread light. Our breadbox has dedicated illumination light for itself. Yeah.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru is one long ass title, and actually a pretty good anime. The main character design is a variant of the anti-social type. Rather than have him desire company within normal society circles, he is content being where he is, and with “okay” logic behind it. It still ends up sounding like flawed thinking, but it certainly beats the standard formula for an anti-social main character.

I also noticed other people watching the show for Hayami Saori, who voiced Yukino. I guess I’m just not seeing it. While her performance was good and convincing, it didn’t seem as outstanding as others have said it to be. Most likely culprit is just not having seen enough shows starring Hayami. Which means I get to go watch more anime for the purpose of research. Unfortunately, this list seems a bit short, since I HAVE seen a lot of anime with her in it. Perhaps the best acting that is seen is simply passable, but even then that wouldn’t be sufficient for scenes that need complex motivations and expressions. Seems like the acting is more subtle than I’m used to. After all, almost all the anime that gets in my computer have an obnoxious side to it.┬áTo make a short list of it, you have the crazies, perverts, genki, suicidal, homicidal, and the unerringly annoying characters. I’m sure all of us can pick one anime and easily find one of these.

I’ve derail a bit. For a show with a long ass title, it was a short run of 13 episodes that were actually pretty good. I’m also very late to the party to finish this series. Bah.

I want more of Sasaki Nozomi voicing perverted characters. Her voice has an interesting twang to it.

Where are my Ebina Hina doujins?