Maserbeamdotcom  Angry god fists are a dime a dozen.

Activationeer is a word I wish existed.

Podcast production is low. This tends to happen when my cohorts actually have something to do. Would people listen to 10 minute single-man podcasts? I can’t imagine myself listening to one..

Aside from that, there are three articles in preparation. God of War 3 came out. Ran out and bought that. That day was a great day because the Maria+Holic Complete Collection DVD also arrived at my doorstep. Then it was a week until Metro 2033. I have to say that was the most I’ve ever spent in less than 2 weeks on games and DVDs. Maybe I should go back to my MMOs, pay my subscriptions, and patiently wait for the lovely updates.

Speaking of the updates: podcast stuff. At first I was excited to find out about the Bluemic Snowball USB Microphone. Then I realized it was USB. Maybe I’d still have use for it, like VoIP for games or doing podcasts over Skype. The upgrade path is a rough one. It’s very quick to make obsolete older equipment and you can’t just walk up to a vendor, right-click on your old shit and pick “Sell Item” in real life.

If only I were a real capsuleer.