Denpa means a den of power amps. (Denpa Onna)

My Kyubey can’t be this cute.

There’s also an extremely huge emphasis on the characters mouths. They’ve been nice and shapely — I can’t stop staring at them. I also highly enjoy the opening song, since whenever I hear it, I imagine a drummer flailing his arms around. Reminds me of some drummers that pull off the lazy, wacky and power drumming style. It’s always interesting to find them because they often have so much stage presence, you barely look at the rest of the band and the supposed front man. Which brings me to my next subject: Emiri Katou voiced the Kyubey we all love in Madoka, and she’s back as the mildly awkward and cute Ryuuko (pictured above). I’d want to say that Kyubey was a support character that garnered more attention than the characters around her, but that could have been on purpose too.¬† Even more noticeable than that (to me) is Ai Nonaka as Meme Touwa. That kind of character is unfair SHAFT! Seriously pierces my heart like a high caliber rifle round.

I honestly can’t believe how SHAFT manages to pull crazy interesting¬† performances from the voice actors.

Many points to Makoto for referencing The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and not being “an incredibly standard” male character. Watching him smother his face in the pillow Meme previously laid on was hilarious, with the following scene also being great.

I kinda laughed at the glittering hair scene. “Her hair is emitting chaff!” Ruined the mood, but that was my fault.

EDIT: Can’t believe I forgot my Planes and Pants rating system. Which will be explained in due time, after I iron out criteria.


Denpa means a den of power amps. (Denpa Onna)