Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality


Yeah. Really. Wow. Uh. Dang. That’s half of a lemon. Not exactly the omurice we’ve seen like in Koufuku Graffiti.

As much as this show is one of those shows where you’re watching it anyway because you’ve read the manga, and are curious how the team behind its production are doing, this is one of those moments where you either get angry or sad. For me, I’m just sort of sad. However, am I really that disappointed in the show? Not really, because the manga itself wasn’t some kind of bastion for sakuga either. Denpa Kyoushi’s original manga art was wanting. Still. I don’t think it’s anything to get worked up over. I just sort of laughed at this image and moved on.

If you want to focus on something else, how about that little sister, Suzune? While her VA (Matsui Rena) is obviously a newbie, which isn’t inherently bad, she’s probably within spitting distance of Kamiya Hiroshi (e.g. Hiroomi Souma from Working!!, Itoshiki Nozomu from Zetsubou Sensei and more recently Orihara Izaya from Durara!) when they recorded these episodes. Unless you’ve got the experience, anyone will stick out against a veteran of the seiyuu industry. If you stuck her in a room with similarly skilled seiyuu… she’d probably mix in.

It’s seriously not as bad as you think. At least we’re not getting another Melody of Oblivion.

Almost wanted to punch myself for remembering Melody of Oblivion. But there you have it. Yes, I’m comparing that show to half of a lemon (omurice), and the lemon is a far more enjoyable experience.

Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality