Podcast 13 – Games, games, and more Deathsmiles.

Sometimes you’ll go back to something you enjoyed, and remember that there was a damn good reason you enjoyed it. In my case, it’s the Deathsmiles OST. If you’re a fan of anime and heavily (or lightly) entrenched in the community, there’s a good chance you’ll know about Touhou. If you know about Touhou, you probably like SHMUPs. And when it comes to knowing where good SHMUPs come from, there’s no better example than the great people at CAVE, the guys who’ve made Dodonpachi and Mushihime-sama Futari.

We have a guest podcaster this time, and he’s Mogknight of TheMogBlog.com. I’m still old-school and would rather kick it physically in a single room with cheap recording equipment, rather than podcast over Skype, so I’m lucky enough to know him in real life.

I haven’t had the chance to talk about games at length, so this is a huge podcast, weighing in at 2 hours. I hope you have time to kill.

Podcast topics include Witcher 2, Dungeon Siege 3, Duke Nukem Forever, CAVE (i.e. Deathsmiles and Mushihime-sama Futari.. which I mess up saying.), Serious Sam: Random Encounter, some FFXI banter, E3 stuff, and all of the derails and spoken errors you’ve been missing out on.

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Podcast 13 – Games, games, and more Deathsmiles.