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I recently got a new computer, and specifically a tablet pc. I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on such a piece of technology. Those years I spent getting used to the Wacom tablets seem so meaningless now. Although this now means I have to quickly brush up my previous art skills that were hiding while I was using the Wacom tablet. Dammit.

It’s a Toshiba M750. I might have been lucky in getting the pressure sensitivity working from Day 1. It’s thanks to the wonderful forum belonging to Tablet PC Go give it a visit if you’re looking for a digital sketchbook companion more reliable than a person named Amara-san. (No offense meant to anyone actually named Amara.)

Should the M750 be the tablet pc you’re aiming to get, visit this site for instructions:

In general, the driver you need is labeled as the Bamboo series of drivers. Install those, and you’re good to go!