Hataraku Chuunibyou-sama!


This show’s setup is a perfect lead-in as a perfectly hidden second season of Chuunibyou. Think about it. We’ve got several characters escaping into our modern world through a gate. They have to adapt to society. So far, it looks like our beloved Maou-sama is living the life as a professional MgRonald attendant. If it weren’t for the flashy high fantasy and combat introductory segment, it would just be an adult version of Chuunibyou. That also would have been highly enjoyable.

Because of the thematic focus of fantasy character types being employed in the modern workforce, it is also reminding me of Working!!. Several shots display the environment that Maou-san is working in, which invariably results in the camera being in the break room. Chi-chan conveniently is a small-framed and busty co-worker. If she had a ponytail, she would’ve been another Poplar-chan. Ah, I want another season of Working!!. Then there’s even the idea that a Demon Lord is having to slog through human politics and environments which immediately reminds me of Maoyuu Mao Yuusha. Even more important: it’s not set in a high school! FUCK YEAH! Dear god. I understand why there’s plenty of anime with high school heroes or middle school meddlers. But I’m hungry for college comrades.

What a lovely present, honestly. I didn’t expect to have three previous shows rolled into one. I’ve also noticed that I’m getting a lot better at detecting Hikasa Yoko. I expect to hear interesting vocal work from her character, Yusa Emi.

Last season felt particularly weak, but I think I’m going to suffer several nutbladder attacks this Spring of 2013.

As usual, I forget to name the show anywhere in the main body of text. Hataraku Maou-sama is a brand new anime that premiered last week. Just for that rare person who visited my site first before they saw any other information about the show elsewhere. I salute whomever may be that person. If you’re a hawt loli girl, I’ll buy you a lunch. (We know that’s not happening.)

Hataraku Chuunibyou-sama!

KyoAni, you subtle bastards.

Makoto, you unlucky bastard. While you were spouting off about the love letter and the girl whom you have no idea looks like, she was right there in the frame. She even jumped and ran away the minute you faced her direction. She also has a green ribbon to indicate she’s an upperclassman. Later on, you actually see her talking to Kumin. Perhaps she was asking Kumin if she could introduce her to Makoto. What a missed opportunity. At the end of the episode, there’s even more awesome in the form of Kumin asking Makoto if she could touch it. What ever do I mean by that?

Please let this develop into an off-camera love triangle, KyoAni. Between Makoto, Kumin, and unnamed girl who originally was interested in Makoto.

Here’s photo evidence of the girl talking to Kumin.

This scene lasts less than 1 second.
Kyoto Animation, you subtle bastards. I hope you drown in money.

I’ve played with the Gibson Flying V guitar that Makoto has. They’re actually quite good. You can get a very twangy and dirty blues sound out of them, or you can lower the action of the strings to make playing metal easier. Well, that is if the action isn’t already low enough. Thanks for the guitar accuracy, KyoAni, you do the guitar industry good. Either KyoAni can’t get rid of all that guitar research they did for K-ON or there’s just a lot of musicians on staff.

KyoAni, you subtle bastards.