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Girls und Spreadsheets


There was some sort of special included on the Blu-ray that weren’t translated for a while. I somehow stumbled upon the torrent which contained the third episode translated. The Tank Corner, hosted by the show’s resident tank aficionado Akiyama Yukari, is mostly a debrief on the various tanks used throughout the show. I enjoyed it. I barely know anything about tanks aside from basic armor factoids, so this looks like an awesome extra that I hope gets retained when it becomes localized. This third episode had focused on the North American tanks.

Patiently awaiting the previous and future episodes. I hope this doesn’t turn into some random one-shot translation. It’d be disappointing to be left hanging on these kinds of things.

I saw a snippet from the Military Channel about a Swedish artillery vehicle that is able to fire at targets 31 miles away. You need a separate confirming party just for that kind of shit. Amazing stuff.