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A Working!! Announcement. (wa ha ha)


Working!! season two was properly announced after the fake trailer with two characters dressed like Wagnaria waiters, voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura and another seiyuu who I didn’t initially recognize as Haruka Tomatsu. Sounded more like Yuki Matsuoka’s Tsuruya voice to me for a couple of seconds, but a Tomatsu is fine, too. (I’m more into Yamada if you haven’t already noticed.) I put it in the same boat as the movie Waiting because they both have the “working at a restaurant” backdrop. And anyone who has a job that has direct contact with its customers knows that it gets ugly more often than one would like.. which is a rather apt image of the interaction between people on the internet. There’s also a huge difference between Working!! and Waiting: One is purely about character interaction and the other is about motivation.

Interestingly enough, even this show has its share of comments calling it vapid. People are extremely stubborn about the hatin’. I’m tempted to quote an internet meme right here and just let things slide into a void, but instead I’ll just admit I’m curious about the hate. Seriously, what’s up with that? I’d understand it if it turned out like the explosion of riff-raff that Suzumiya Haruhi spawned, but Working!! barely had the audience size to warrant such faggotry. Perhaps Working!! unfortunately wandered in when the season was flooded with settings and themes that didn’t involve srs bsns, table-flip inducing scenes, or robots, resulting in the show being targeted by residue rage. I can only guess.

Such faggotry will not hamper my enthusiasm for Yamada. Yamada for life.