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The Power of Anime

The fairly new time slot, The Power of Anime (Anime no Chikara), has given us two original series. I liked the first show, Sora no Woto, while the second one wasn’t my taste. I can’t dismiss the efforts of these shows though. There was a while when a good amount of people were complaining about the amount of adaptation series. Consider that there are plenty of manga with an install base of fans that would watch its adaptation. Whether it’s good or not isn’t as important as realizing that these shows will air with a certain amount of people watching. TV Tokyo and Aniplex are doing us a great service by providing us that injection of original anime not based on differing source material such as light novels or manga. Here’s hoping that they can keep providing the goods.

I, for one, am super pumped for the third anime to be shown in this slot, which is Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin. The trailer is above if it hasn’t been obvious.