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Amagami SS – 21 and over

I pretty much had the same reaction as Miya in the above screencap when I realized that the TV run is ending very soon and won’t have a Miya arc. [sadface.jpg] Amagami has been an odd experience for me since it’s been done in 4 episode arcs per girl. While the Morishima arc was a good opener, I preferred Tanamachi’s story arc. Nakata and Sakurai weren’t very interesting to me, but I managed to enjoy the Sakurai one a bit more because of her VA being Ryoko Shintani. Even then it was a little hard to listen to, since Shintani used a voice that sounded a bit too much like Hito Nami. Nanasaki wasn’t my thing either.

But that cliffhanger for Ayatsuji’s arc has me primed for explosion. That sudden change in her attitude — a huge hint of what’s to come, and easily has me wanting the week to come around already.

In addition to all of this, Kana Asumi has been voicing many characters lately ever since voicing Yuuno in Hidamari Sketch. I can’t get enough of her voice, and the characters she’s casted for are all interesting. She’s easily becoming the female version of Jun Freakin’ Fukuyama. All she has to voice is a crazy bitch in a different series, and steal the show from whatever main characters. Miya is already doing it in Amagami. Now she just needs a bigger profile animu to invade.