Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition


Bitches, you’ll sit down and relax your bones to the point of “Holy crap, I’m so chill right now.” while looking at loli and tanuki. This show is so fucking badass. It’s definitely gonna be the sleeper hit that everyone is going to pay attention to. Otherwise the skies will burn of vengeance and color your world into a velvet blood, while packing your intestines into lust wrappings. Get ready for the weakest injection of moé this season with Non Non Biyori, all of you assholes. Every single one of you. Suppositories will be a viable alternative for you stronk humans with accepting butts. I’m calling it here. Non Non Biyori: Anime of the Year 2013.

The last paragraph is a bit over-the-top. I hope you’ll pardon my extreme hyperbole and just let it slide. This show is about little girls that make you feel good. (Go ahead. Get it out of your system. Yes, innuendo.)

Warning: this show does not contain manliness, complex personality problems, drama, male character development, or plot. Side effects include ruptured nutbladders and/or drowsiness.

But if you’re like me, you’ll lap it up like the natural pervert we all are. It has everything on the list we care about.

  • Loli? Check.

Okay, fine. I’m also watching it because of Asumi Kana. I’ve always been the kind to at least give a show a chance due to favorite seiyuu taking part. This show is seriously slow paced. It didn’t achieve very much in the first episode. Segments segue rather suddenly. Very small amount of frames dedicated to superfluous little details, if at all. I’ve mentioned something similar in my last post about Yuushibu. We can assume that Silver Link, the studio producing this show, is holding their cards conservatively. I do find the token loli, Miyauchi Renge, a little more enjoyable with that eye shape, instead of that typified almond shape that’s synonymous with innocence. She’s cutely innocent in the manner that her reality will occasionally get crushed via her interaction with the transfer student, Ichijo Hotaru. (Yes Renge-chan, you do live in the countryside.)

It’s already relying on long comedic timing for humor. I’m pretty hopeful though. Mayhaps it’ll ramp it up once we’re used to the mood and atmosphere they spent an entire episode setting up.

Non Non Biyori, AOTY Edition

Yuusha ni narenakatta plus more words.


The animation is rather wobbly in some areas. Quite. Mostly in the boob area and hair swaying. This show for some reason is tossing in an extra frame or three for minor details that make it seem like they want to be the next GoHands. I’ve got nothing against it. But it is the studio that brought us Minami-ke (Seasons 2 and 3) and Shuffle. I’d be a little wary of the animation quality. Sometimes moments of sakuga come through, but are merely a few seconds of it on an animation segment that barely needs it. Small things like unique mouth shapes for vowel sounds, hair flips, the newscaster pulling off a sticky paper. Hell, just look at the opening action sequence! “Look! Breasts affected by gravity!” is what that was. Which is slightly unfortunate, because that’s a demerit since it’s never good for our expectations.

Oh well. I lol’ed at the obvious Star Trek reference. I”ll probably be able to enjoy the show simply based on awkward situations from Fino’s non-human behavior. The “rub my butt” scene and the grandiose demon cashier bit were silly. If the show keeps those sorts of scenes coming, I’ll keep watching. The voice acting could use a bit more work though.

Man. What a lukewarm reception to the 2013 Anime Fall Season. Can you blame me? It’s a little too obvious which ones people are going to gush over. Maybe this time I’ll try covering the odd ones out there.

Go watch Coppelion if you’ve played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fallout 3. Dat post-production radiation color scheme.

Yuusha ni narenakatta plus more words.

Servant x Service x Cube


This show. THIS SHOW.

It’s like A-1 Pictures are the guys to go to for producing job themed anime. Ever since they did Working!!, I was hoping they’d do more of these sitcoms. They’re surprisingly similar to the regular sitcoms that are produced right here in United States. At least the ones that are focused on comedy rather than drama. The opening sequence was also quite a thing. It was immediately attention grabbing, that’s for sure. The only other thing left needed to have me biting at the fringes of this delectable episode was the presence of interesting seiyuu.

I managed to identify several seiyuu off the bat. The three easily identifiable were Sakurai Takahiro, Toyosaki Aki, and Nakahara Mai. And then I sort of knew Kayano Ai and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I managed to identify his voice from Bakatest as Yuuji, but the actual voice he’s using is miles different. Guess I picked up on that nasal voice quality he seems to have. Kayano Ai’s range and voice separation is pretty good, so unless you’ve watched her in several shows (Rinne no Lagrange, anohana, Ben-to, Senyuu, Oreshura), you’ll have a hard time doing single episode identification.

And to finish this entry off, I’d like to fag it up, and bust a nutbladder over the fact that Nakahara Mai is Mihoshi. It’s so perfect. But at the same time… I’m imagining her character as Hakurei Reimu because of the MAIKAZE doujin anime adaptation of Touhou. Which brings me to another thought about Touhou. It really would seem like A-1 Pictures would be the studio to do a Touhou adaptation. They’re pretty good at this animation production thing, you know.

I’m not going to link to all of the anime and seiyuu I’ve mentioned. However, I will link you to Nakahara Mai because frankly, she’s a monster. Once you see who she’s voiced, you’ll understand me.

Oh, right. Happy 4th of July, residents of the United States. Enjoy the fooding!

Servant x Service x Cube

My order is ready, Demon Lord Sadao.


Could I have the Season Two Combo? With DVD extras, commentary, and live seiyuu specials?

Seriously. This show was insanely fun to watch. I don’t know why I get such a kick out of watching a Demon Lord live a normal human life, commuting to work and being an upstanding citizen. White Fox muscled its way into being a worthwhile studio to watch for when they produced Katanagatari, Jormungand, and Steins;Gate. But with Hataraku Maou-sama, I believe they gracefully slide into the top tiers.

Yeah, I know that relying on a studio’s reputation isn’t a method one should go about deciding which anime to watch. I see it as a simplified way to appreciate the work done by all the staff. I maintain that it’s similar to musicians. You’ve got the rock bands with names stamped on them, jazz musicians that go by name, and collaborators that produce under a group name, even if it’s a person’s name. Is it a bad thing to be a part of something called The Tony Williams Lifetime? I think not.

What was truly bad (in a good way), was the ending. Good lord, my nutbladder went critical. They saved the absolute last few seconds to be dedicated to Emi. I absolutely think that endings that wrap around back to reiterate on an intro scene are great. The umbrella. THE UMBRELLAS.

This is more of a knee-jerk reaction post, since I had just finished watching the episode. Most likely riding that ending high which may or may not be affecting my bias. Doesn’t bother me too much, since that means there wasn’t any major flaws or irritants during my viewing. Anyone that manages to nitpick at something is pretty much.. well, I’d like to say you’re over thinking it. Of course, it’s just what you do and you’re free to do so. But maybe, you should also lighten up.

Hataraku Maou-sama is a highly enjoyable show, and one of the heaviest hitters of 2013 along with Attack on Titan. Will other shows this year come along and usurp this throne from the Demon Lord? I think not.

Yusa Emi, that subtle blush and umbrella twirl is illegal. Someone could die, you know?

My order is ready, Demon Lord Sadao.