Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.


I completely, and totally had 7 drafts of articles that had over 500 words of text. Some close to 1000+. But now I’m lazy, and the only thing I want to post on my blog is nonsensical fluff that always seems to get attention and a picture I screencapped from watching Chuunibyou that represents absolutely nothing that has occurred in my life.

Kyoto Animation, stop being faggots and do an anime with a plot worth everyone’s time. Yes, I enjoyed Hyouka.

More Strike Witches please. Mädchen und Panzer would be nice, too.

The most experimental thing I saw this year was Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Get it together, Japan. Where’s my next Serial Experiments Lain?

Sword Art Online for being the next best Best Mediocre anime, alongside with Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

Stop bashing Yamakan. You know you’d be bashing someone else, regardless if they made a good anime or not.

I think people hate how widescreen enabled my site is.

Buy Akikan DVDs for your friends. So they know what “jumping the crust” and pizza money are.

Chihiro from The World God Only Knows/Kami nomi zo shiru sekai is still my waifu.

I regret getting back into manga, only to find out the many that I did read are getting adaptations. Fuck you elitists. I hate this feel so much.

Studio FEEL better not fuck up my Minami-ke. And Hosaka needs more screen time.

Everyone is still Kyon-sexual.


And all the serious things I wanted to say this year will have to wait because I don’t believe in my own writing skill enough that they are ready to be read by other human eyes. People have standards, and the only thing I could ever do in my power is to make the intro paragraph decent enough for you to decide whether or not you want to read the rest.

Many years occur. 2012 was one of them.

Ixion Saga is behind. Thus, Dark Templars.

One of the characters above is Jun Fukuyama. It’s the one on the left. Yeah, I fell out of my chair at a rate of instant over less than visibly perceivable. The voicing acting from Mister Fukuyama is no joke either; the show doesn’t take very long to reveal the green haired lass is truly a man via a sudden change from the effeminate voice to a manly one. And it’s dumb reasons like this that I end up following a show.

Anyone remember that old show, Law of Ueki? It was a show about the main character having the power of turning trash into trees. Some people just won’t accept silly ideas like that. That dumb idea however instantly hooked me and the show itself wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was a shounen show I recall not having those obtuse power up scenes, and training wasn’t simply to grind away at your abilities until they were stronger. Characters were learning to use their powers in tactical and creative ways. The only reason I don’t give much credit to shounen series these days was because of Naruto. It led me on with that first story arc that had the characters forced into situations where their ability to adapt was tested. Nowadays, the only thing that’s tested is how strong, fast, or “skillful” the characters are. Strategy and finesse, I don’t remember when you ever showed up in an anime. Maybe it was back in 2003.

I guess I should say something about the show before this entry is over. Ixion Saga DT is a show directed by Shinji Takamatsu, who’s worked on Gintama. A fantasy comedy with a Gintama director? Even Tomokazu Sugita is in it! Just take a look at the staff list. Chock full of big name seiyuu. Shows like this tend to be a way for the seiyuu to have fun and act like idiots on the mic. If this show ends up being a great watch, then this will make it the 5th show I’ve begun to watch on the basis of a single episode. This 2012 Autumn Season of anime is simply ridiculous. I need another hard drive already.

Ixion Saga is behind. Thus, Dark Templars.

The Dead, Diseased and the Moé – Part 134

Lelouche is back! No. I’m lying, unfortunately. He’s in a new show called Chuunibyou demo Koi ga shitai that is filled with that horrible disease called moé. I’ve been infected for several years now, and goddamit, I know most of you are, too. I’m happy that Fukuyama Jun’s gets to play another straight man protagonist.  It’s mostly his performance as Takanashi in Working!! that I hear during this show. This immediately reminds me of the crossdressing episodes. (Dammit.)


The Dead, Diseased and the Moé – Part 134