Return of the Squid.

“Prehensile hair activate!”

Oh yes, how I have longed for the lovely invasion squid. My body is ready!

Aside from my silly over-excited self enjoying the first episode of the season season, it was a pleasure to listen to the voices again. I’m not so sure if I followed another series with Hisako Kanemoto as a main lately. The last I remembered of her is her character Tomonori in Is This a Zombie?/Kore wa Zombie desu ka?. It’s also good to be listening to Rie Tanaka’s voice. I can never get enough of that sultry voice. Oh right, Ayumi is there, too. (lol)

The teaser preview for the 2nd episode looks like it’s already going to show off it’s animation prowess with another sports segment. Baseball got it’s chance in the first season, and now we’ve got soccer. That kick shown in the preview alone kind of surprised me; the kid had good form and the animation itself felt great despite it only being 8 frames. As far as I can tell, none of them felt like in-betweens. I’m such a sucker for small details like that. Some people would agree with me that a well done action animation with a believable center of gravity just cements the desire to watch it more. It happened to me with Ookiku Furikabutte — I don’t normally watch sport anime, but that was an exception. Nary a failed nor awkward bat swing or pitch.

As bad as it might seem, I don’t care if anime — in general — gets sequel-itis. It’s such a prominent complaint for any series that gathers a significant following while still having plenty of material to work off… and then just ends. Gotta have them sequels. I’ll take this time to mention that I’m super excited to see the new Last Exile this coming season.


Concerning details about the site here, I’m feeling rather sad that I haven’t mustered up the forces required to have another podcast. I don’t even know if people listen to it. No one’s said anything about it. Then again, no one’s sent me angry emails about it either. For those who’ve actually been to this site, I’m curious as to what anime you watch. If you’d rather lurk around and not respond, that’s fine too. A silent listener is fine too.

I’ll use this space to redirect you to Chartfag and Randomc. Plenty of info there on the upcoming season. The three anime I’d most likely be posting about, it’s these three: Last Exile, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and Mirai Nikki. I’ve got plenty of reasons to be so decided in following these. It’ll be interesting to find out whether or not it was smart dooming myself to finish these whether I like it or not. has decided to do episodic entries on those exact three as well. I don’t feel like competing with such a juggernaut of the anime blogosphere, so I’ll have to try and say different things for the sake of difference, unfortunately.

I nearly broke my guitar in excitement when I learned Last Exile was getting a sequel. True story.

Return of the Squid.