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Nothing but butts.

I’m finding it increasingly odd that I have a tendency to watch anime that receive unusual amounts of disdain. Making the rounds off, I checked out the reactions to the first episode to Seitokai Yakuindomo. It’s one of the Summer 2010 anime shows that the general reaction seems to be: “Not worth it.” Sure, it might not be for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you should keep people away from it. If anything, this show is for people who wished it was Seitokai no Ichizon with higher animation production, Minami-ke with awkward sex jokes (but that show was awkward to begin with), and/or less shoujo elements than Kaichou wa Meido-sama. And for someone like me, it’s exactly what I ordered.

And with the second episode having aired, I’m happy to say that I’ll be following the series. Atmosphere is laid back enough that I don’t have to absolutely make sure that I’m in the mood for it, letting it be easily digestible.


Podcasts resume!

Sometimes you just feel like throwing stuff. And it happened to me multiple times in the last few hours while I was QCing the last podcast for public consumption. I’m still not satisfied with the quality – I know it can sound better. I’ve already stalled it this long, and I figured to get back on track. So yes! Our podcasts are back, and now separated according to subject matter for better precision. Mish-mash of topics in a single podcast was only ever good if we were extremely professional, but we’re not. The best I can do is start making some music for the intros and transitions so it’s easier on the ears.

Come listen anyway, and burn away 2+ hours of your life.

Taste like burning.


The Anime Summer Season of 2010

Thank you image for already having copyright info!

In about two weeks, we’ll have first contact with the latest season of animu. We’ll be as wide-eyed just like a Yuno in a confusing situation, eyeballing for any hint of logic or watermelons. Or we can just patiently await the moe particles and awesome lasers, like Fumika in the above image.

There’s already eight series I’m awaiting to view. That already is probably 20 GB minimum of HDD space, with approximate values of 12 episodes per series, and all at around 200 MB per episode. I’m keen to download higher file sizes if the quality of the video merits it, so that increases the minimum to 25 GB. And not all of them will be only 12 episodes. Then again, there’s still a chance of dropping a series

I gauge HDD space usage before a season even starts. I don’t want to talk about the BD rips I wanted to download for stuff that was released two seasons ago. 70gb for only maybe 3-4 series? I’m going to need another external HDD.

.. I also feel like I’ve used that image before. Oh well.