Podcast #8

Probably one of our biggest podcasts in a while, this one is a huge 2 hours, 27 minutes and 4 seconds. Just what exactly the hell were we talking about? Anime. You know the drill. Click the thing that says “This area I reside on is a part of Earth.” because it’s a fact. Unless you live in space. And don’t give me that, “I live in an airplane, forever fueled by love.” crap because I capitalized Earth, indicating I definitely mean within the atmosphere.

So get comfortable and listen to us while you’re doing something more important, like laundry or grinding away in your favorite RPG.

Recording date: DEC 10 2010
Runtime: 2 hrs, 27 mins, 4 sec

music inserts:
(intro)Andrew W.K. — I love NYC
(intermission)Perfect Selection Dracula Battle — Requiem for the Nameless Victims
(outtro)The Mercury Program — Arrived/Departed

External Links
http://chocolatesyrupywaffles.com/?p=29347 (referenced during Amagami segment)

Our podcast gets a new guest. We call him kaichou, simply because he was club president for the Anime club we were a part of. Much of the podcast is dedicated to Amagami SS and Ore no Imouto, since that’s what gets us rolling. We also talk about Fabulous (Star Driver), and how it’s so fabulous, we can’t remember the storyline and plot. If there ever was one, that is. Our last big anime relevant topic is The World God Only Knows, which is followed by a new section named Convince Me. In this section, we spend time trying to convince each other to watch something that we know they aren’t watching, thus ending up as our recommendations. Afterwards, a very long free form section of us talking about video games that is dominated by .hack// talk.

I blame the huge delay in releasing this podcast on two things. One, Civilization 5, and two, having a 2 hour plus audio file to QC takes way too long for the kind of random kinks I tend to iron out. And three, STALKER Call of Pripyat.

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Podcast #8

2 thoughts on “Podcast #8

  1. listened to yer podcast. <_<

    And ya, It's Jubbz. And feel free to just call it CSW for short next time. That said…

    Well i wasn't THAT pissed. but I really didn't like what Junichi said to Tsukasa on episode 23 because It's not necessarily about him trampling on her pride, but rather, how he worded his suggestion. It's like he was telling her to NOT be her real self anymore, and Tsukasa, who had just recently burned her little diary or whatever, had Junichi to rely on since he knows the real her.

    She has a lotta pride, sure, but he could've worded it better, by saying saying, and i quote, "I need the facade, just for this" or something. I was ticked off because he turned around, after witnessing those girls be bitches to her, and say "Hey, let's ask them for help". I just found that really bugging.

  2. maserbeam says:

    Holy crap! Someone listened to my podcast! And sorry for messing up referencing your blog.

    But yes. Pardon me for saying you were angry, but I at least got the impression you didn’t like what Juunichi did. I also admit that at the time of listening to Juunichi saying those words, I wasn’t thinking about it, but I do agree with you that he could have said it better. I found it interesting that minor details like that are viewed differently by others, especially since I personally seemed to have no qualms with Juunichi’s character most of the time. As I mentioned during the podcast, it’s almost like I was as dense/stupid as Juunichi, thus I easily associate with him. :P

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