Podcast # 11 Delays and reboots

What a long time since I’ve updated. Also should have posted this earlier, but being majorly distracted due to Vindictus and studies. Mostly being lazy.

Our latest (and stupidly delayed back more than two weeks from recording date) brings topics like new Pokemon, Gintama, and various anime topics. As much as how general and vague that sounds, that’s honestly all you need to know what we’ll end up talking about. I recognize that you’d probably want a small list so we don’t waste your time.. but really, you’re listening to a podcast about 3 people talking about anime; I doubt it would sound any different from talking to your friends. Aside from us sounding more stupid.

RUNTIME: 1h 35m 37s

1st music insert: Sonic Youth – Unmade Bed
2nd music insert: SMILE – The Best Years

If you like the music you hear, please buy their stuff to support them!

The List: Gintama interspersed, huge section on .hack//quantum, reminiscing Legend of Galactic Heroes, drinking (Morning Lescue) with Madoka Magica, bearing Dragon Crisis, pay a little tribute to Suzumiya Haruhi, dancing with Zombies, Pokémon, and something about Star Ocean.


Podcast # 11 Delays and reboots

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