How embarrasing, an SQL drive-by happened.


I’ve been mostly enjoying the end of the current season, namely Monster Musume. Episode 12 got an insane animation bump, which I honestly wasn’t expecting.

More importantly however, this is a quick update and an apology to those who visited my site when those really fucking weird posts showed up. I got hit with either an SQL injection, or a simple password breach, either through brute strength or dictionary attack. Whatever it was, it got a hold of one of the accounts and wrecked some havoc. There was a reason why I did like hard coding a website with zero PHP or any silly CMS — you don’t get affected by those injection drive-by’s that happen when you leave a website unattended for too long. I thought I had a few basic security update services running, but apparently I didn’t. I deeply apologize if it’s somehow affected anyone who’s visited. At the moment, it’s ruined my ability to preview my own posts before publishing, but that’s nothing compared to maybe losing control of my WordPress installation.

Currently deflating from a trip to Japan and working on music, so pardon my dust, especially if you happen to be a regular visitor. Thanks if you are. I’ll be back into the swing of updating, and hopefully instead of intermittent updates, I’ll have some sort of weekly minimum routine (perhaps at least once per week) for any anime related posts.

If you happen to also enjoy PC hardware and gaming, please let me know. As far as I know, all I’ve ever written about in the last two years was anime. But if people would like some variety, I’ll gladly start writing about tech stuff, too, since it is my other passion.

It’s definitely not just me. I was super slow in realizing that I read some tech news regarding WordPress blogs being hit with open exploits. If I find a link to the fix, this will be updated. That, or I’ll simply pin a warning post, just in case for the purposes of awareness.

How embarrasing, an SQL drive-by happened.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Honto sa Nanto ka Hima da


At first, I thought it’d be funny to show a picture that has absolutely no bearing on what a show’s theme may be, nor any faces to help provide identity. Then I realized when MC-kun plugs in this power cable, it’s tilted and now it’s bugging the hell out of me. I hope it does for you.

I’ve ended up watching this show. Mostly because I had read the manga ages ago. It’s also one of those extremely low investment anime, where there’s really not much complex going on. If you’re unsure about watching Jitsu wa Watashi wa, you don’t have to force yourself. Unless sometimes you’re like me and are willing to add more anime under your belt just for the sake of it.

I will say though that it remains entertaining to watch because the voice actors are doing a perfectly fine job. I don’t remember the manga of Jitsu wa Watashi wa being particularly amazing enough to be adapted into an anime.. but I prefer listening to acting, than reading manga. It’s probably going to be an average show. Nothing overtly cringe worthy has happened. (Aside from that ED song. Ugh.) The quality of the art may be off-putting, but the character design has been relatively consistent so far. It’s just not high budget either. However, everything is fine because everyone always says that characters and story are more important than animation, right?!

Perhaps it may be self defeating to try and defend the show, since in a way, that’s admitting the quality of the show being merely average. Not only that, I actually haven’t read a single thing that other people have said about the show. I was considering saying that this show might not be popular enough. Even that sounded weird as I realized that it’s being adapted to begin with.

Wow, I’ve said a lot about this fairly average anime. But yeah, the short of it is, there’s plenty of anime this season that you’d probably want to watch instead of this. Those who were interested in watching this show are probably already watching it. It’s hovering at 20% percent suck rating so far, while being sort of alright at the same time. There might be enough substance to say that it’s hook rate would be about 33%.

If you were looking for a short summary about this show, it’s about MC-kun (Kuromine Asahi) wearing his heart on his sleeve, and being honest to a fault. He then discovers the classmate he had a crush on was actually a vampire (Shiragami Youko). She was supposed to keep it a secret. MC-kun loves her, so promises to keep said secret. Antics ensue.

Silly thing about the seiyuu for this show, is that Asahi’s three male buddies/pals/bros’ actors I recognized quicker than the rest of the cast. And Shimono Hiro was a little too easy to pick out.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Honto sa Nanto ka Hima da

Hassan Chop!


Overlord continues to have nicely timed comedy in the midst of all the serious world building, and a perfect main character to have as a conduit for the viewership. The head bonk also immediately propelled Nabe’s character into adorable-as-fuck tier to me. The minion moe in this show is impeccable. That’s always something I can enthuse over. She also reminds me of Aoyama Motoko, the first woman sword-wielder I really enjoyed.

Momonga (aka Ainz, big bad skele-kun) is gamifying almost everything to his advantage while seeking any links to the real world he’s from. I’ve been able to reel back my inner gamer from correcting any obvious mistakes or oversights by any characters, because Momonga is already in the same position to think the same. Yet it’s also an interesting foil against him, because by having such a perspective of his surroundings, he’s often unintentionally tripping flags through minor actions that are rather monumental in the world he’s now in.

For me, the most interesting part of this show is the process Momonga goes through to learn and adapt to his foreign environment. It’s inadvertent world building, and if done right, the least obtrusive. Makes for a more organic and enjoyable experience. No one likes an exposition fairy. Although I suppose I can’t expect such great heights all the time. Always have to be ready to be disappointed.

For the uninitiated: Hassan Chop!

Hassan Chop!

Let’s Hug Ren-chon.


I’m sure most of us would like to hug Renge. Although we’ll probably straight up be denied like Natsumi is right in here in the screencap.

We’re up to episode 4, and holy hell. Season 2 is even better than the first one. No, I can’t dare compare it. It’s simply Non Non Biyori as a whole being good. A damn fine show that’s perfect for relaxing your goddamn soul right to the fucking core. I also sometimes gets too frickin’ aggressively relaxed and happy when shows like this appear. It’s like some sort of energy displacement occurs, causing me to over-enjoy the show. I get so hyped, that it starts a cascading effect that amplifies my enjoyment of the show. I just end up being unnecessarily scintillating with joy when Nonday rolls around. I’ll sit in my chair with energy at 350.00%, unable to restrain it from shaking my body, but I’m completely fine not moving an inch, because why waste energy when you can enjoy Non Non Biyori with all of it? It’s an uncanny efficiency rating that the automobile industry would be jealous of. I’m not even sure what the fuck I’m talking about anymore.

I really like Non Non Biyori. I highly enjoy the comedic timing and usage of music throughout the show, and the director has never let me down so far. I was kind surprised to learn he did Kokoro Connect, which I watched, but thought was quite flawed. Maybe he’s just better at doing slice of life comedies.

Thanks Katsuwara Shinya. Mondays have never been better.

(Episode highlights if click.)

Let’s Hug Ren-chon.

Seasons Greetings from Shimoneta


It didn’t take more than one second for me to realize who had voiced the mysterious girl with the bob haircuit and flat bangs. I’ve made it a loose effort to not look into series’ seiyuu lists because around 40% of the time it leads to less than stellar anime. Which is weird because I would actually be one to say that sometimes exceptional voice performance can raise an average show to slightly higher heights. This also means that the second I started recognizing voices, I pretty much lost the fight and went to go looking up stuff right away.

Shimoneta‘s long title (Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai) is long, therefore it must’ve been a light novel. For a while, I used to be one of those people that thought these long names were cumbersome. Now I just see that longer names allow for either more precision, artsy and poetic, or vagueness. It was the same with music, too. A lot of post-rock bands took up longer names when it simply either wasn’t viable to find nice and short names, or that they just stumbled upon a long name they wanted to use.

So who’s our darling in the above screencap? Arai Satomi of Index series fame as Shirai Kuroko. I’ve heard her a few times in roles where she strays away from her signature sound. However, this one was not even a high-school girl’s voice. It is sort of fate to begin with; Satomi-san is often employed by J.C. Staff, the ones producing this show. I haven’t noticed any glaring cameos, but then again I only just realized while writing this I could have been. Go look out for any character designs with altered or adapted outfits and color palettes. J.C. Staff tends to do that.

Let’s talk seiyuu again. To say that only Arai-san caught my attention is false. This show was already entertaining when Kajou Ayame, the show’s lead female, showed off her best “Oh ho ho ho!” in a very Slayers Naga-esque fashion. I should keep an eye on Ishigami Shizuka. She’s definitely a voice I’ve previously enjoyed. And Ayame’s companion is a capable straight man, so to me, not being any amount of annoying. Even Hyouka, the crazy scientist character, has a rather silky element to her raspy yet cute voice delivery, thanks to Gotou Saori. I definitely have to proclaim by now, this show is clearly seiyuu porn for my ears.

I would have followed this show because of Matsuki Miyu alone. She has voiced two very favorite characters of mine: Cthuko and Yoshinoya.

.. I’ll just go ahead and throw out all of my usual priorities for discerning quality shows.

I also fucking chortled quite strongly when I saw that pool get blown up. Goddamit J.C. Staff, you got me.

Seasons Greetings from Shimoneta