Finally finished Project X Zone

It took me a long time, but I finally did it. Out of all the Nintendo 3DS games to come out this year, this was one of my most looked forward to tittles. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer to beat than expected.

One of my main problems with the game was how a lot of chapters seemed to have dragged on. There were a few chapters which broke the monotony and spiced up some of the missions, but other than that, it seemed too repetitive. On top of that, the concept of fighting waves and waves of enemies really drained me. In the game’s defense, I really don’t play games of the RPG Strategy genre. Maybe games like this aren’t my cup of tea. At the very least, PXZ is one strategy RPG that I was able to complete. Games like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics have yet to receive such a fate on my part. Mind you, those games aren’t bad, just not fitting for my attention span.

Gripes aside, I don’t hate this game. In fact, one of the main things that kept me drawn to the game to begin with was the fact that some of my favorite characters were playable. When I first heard that Kite and Black Rose from the Dot Hack series would be featured, I was instantly sold. Other characters also caught my interest, like Kos-Mos and Mega Man X.  In regards to characters, one thing I liked was how they all interacted with each other. Assigning an assist character to a team provided interesting and sometimes humorous dialog before combat. It was a nice and interesting aspect.

Other features that maintained my interest included the sound track and the battle system. The sound track featured music from the different games that were involved, which was cool. As for the battle system, I found it interesting that it was similar to that of a fighting game. There were a number of attack inputs for combos and even a “special meter”.  As teams leveled up they learned more attack combos and even attacks that hit multiple targets on a map. Oddly enough, I didn’t get tired of the battle system despite seeing the attack animations so many times. The main reason for that was because I was trying to perfect the timings for each attack which in most cases I would have a hard time pulling off. There were also special attacks you can use, they were pretty flashy but I never got tired of those either.

For the most part, I did find some enjoyment in the game; Even if I had to put it down for periods of time between chapters. If anything I’d probably recommend this game only to people who like games of the genre, or like a number of characters that are featured in PXZ.


Finally finished Project X Zone

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