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I’m sorry wallet, but I need to upgrade.

For someone who has about 95GB out of 465GB available on my HDD, I’ve been extremely conservative in what I download and install. I shouldn’t have to worry about that, but being on a platter based hard drive means that the last 20% of space is definitely right next to the inner circle of the disk is going to be slow. A bunch of anime I’ve been intending to watch and games I want to install have simply been pushed back due to space constraints. The slow down of disk speed is already apparent. So what does this mean?

It’s time to upgrade!

Anyone with a computer tinkerer’s bone in their body knows there’s a [relatively] new piece of hardware in town. The SSD (Solid State Disk) I’ve been dreamily gazing at seems like something I actually need now, considering how fast I consume data off the internet. My only problem with these is that they’re expensive for my rather tiny wallet and have also heard the occasional “My SSD failed after a few days” crowd’s warning crys. If not that, there’s a nice external HDD, the TOSHIBA Canvio Plus — that’s a 2.5″ form factor with 1GB of space (931GB really). Either of which are something that will easily lighten the load on my current situation, but the latter being the most reliable.

It would be rad if anyone with SSD experience commented. The reports of said drives failing is fairly low, but it does happen. Would like to know if it’s actually anything to worry about.


Why Space Is Stupid.

Before I have a go at space itself, let’s start out with a link to an image first. Go ahead and look at it first. I found it while poking around at, and found it in one of the comments in this news bit.

Why Space Is Stupid.jpg (1.81 MB)

Seriously. What the hell, science? We’re spending so much time futzing around Earth and killing each other over politics and whales, when we could be out there in the vast beauty of outer space! It minds the boggle! Inconceivable! There’s no reason why we couldn’t be out there researching outer space. Or killing ourselves in outer space over the same things (space politics and space whales). I want my real life EVE Online already. If we ever figure out there’s a new set of physics rules to learn, or that some rules were meant to be broken, it probably means there’s a viable means of traveling through space and we’ve just had our heads stuck in the sand.

The one thing I’m definitely amazed at is how long the Hubble satellite was looking at a tiny spot in the sky. 4 months just to take a picture. And it reveals that much.

image credit to isai shizuka


Gumi vs Miku! Fight!

Drawn by sakon

I’m pretty late to the party, but now or never. I found two VOCALOID videos of Miku and Gumi singing the song Dearest that’s from the ED of Inuyasha’s 3rd season. If you haven’t heard that song yet, you can go visit youtube and find it there. There’s a couple of duds though, so try to find the Japanese one with Hamasaki Ayumi singing. After that, hit these links:

(Miku version), and (Gumi version).

I already knew Miku and her cohorts would be able to sing like humans if they simulated the effects of breathing. A human sings on lung capacity and a machine doesn’t. I find that interesting to realize that a perfect singer (i.e. vocaloids) needs to have human flaws if we want to hear good singing.

In any case, my nutbladder nearly exploded when I heard Gumi sing Dearest. Japan, the land of Nutbladder Targetting Weaponry, I salute you.


A New Category Appears!

I just realized for all the technology and hardware I drool over, there isn’t a category for it. So I made one for better organization, and quicker post finding. I guess there really isn’t a reason to make a post such as this one. Except for that one post I have about my Toshiba M750. But better late than never!

Micro entries are easier to write, as well. Seeing as my podcast efforts have been thwarted lately, getting in some habitual updates at least every two days would warrant someone to visit me. そですよね?!



I recently got a new computer, and specifically a tablet pc. I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on such a piece of technology. Those years I spent getting used to the Wacom tablets seem so meaningless now. Although this now means I have to quickly brush up my previous art skills that were hiding while I was using the Wacom tablet. Dammit.

It’s a Toshiba M750. I might have been lucky in getting the pressure sensitivity working from Day 1. It’s thanks to the wonderful forum belonging to Tablet PC Go give it a visit if you’re looking for a digital sketchbook companion more reliable than a person named Amara-san. (No offense meant to anyone actually named Amara.)

Should the M750 be the tablet pc you’re aiming to get, visit this site for instructions:

In general, the driver you need is labeled as the Bamboo series of drivers. Install those, and you’re good to go!