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Sometimes I hate Steam.


I like Steam. And I also like Risk of Rain.

But I don’t like Risk of Rain that much.


Truly, there is never enough hats.

Monty Python, never before have you ever been so right.

Thank you


The push for 10-bit encoding.

After noticing a new piece of text being added to files — hi10p — I decided to look up info on it. There’s quite a bit of stuff being encoded in this new.. thing. I decided to install the latest, greatest, and correct filter/codec I could find to properly play these new files. Why the sudden upgrade? Anyone who’s been watching their anime in 720 and up certainly don’t complain that often, provided that their method of watching works. But I don’t touch 1080 files yet simply because I don’t have terabytes of space laying around.

So, I downloaded a 10-bit anime episode. Holy crap, I didn’t expect such a significant difference in file size. It is also rightly stated and observed that it has effectively removed banding from gradients. I especially appreciate this since there seems to be a growing trend for animation studios to use gradients instead of the traditional three tone shading I got so used to. This can really inflate a single episode’s file size. I could show off a screenshot, but what’s more important is the overall effect of moving to 10-bit.  The primary reason to move to 10-bit is for the higher achievable quality and potentially lower file sizes. It does eat more CPU cycles, and at this point only CPU cycles since most video cards do not have 10-bit hardware support. This is mostly a non-issue for me, since I have a quad core. (And soon to upgrade to hexa core. Mwahaha.)

I have obtained a 10-bit encoder to find out for myself what exactly is the butter zone for 1080 files, film or anime. Too bad I’m flying blind here. Having done zero encoding, the only thing I can do at the moment is read the full command list and keep breaking it until something produces a result.


Flash Freezing Fix

You know, I’ve left the technology category alone for a very long time. Haven’t had much to say about computers and stuff, but this issue pissed me off so much I figured that some people might still be getting it.

This is an old issue. I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed already, but I’m experiencing it right now, so I might as well address it. The solution is as easy as disabling “Enable Hardware Acceleration” in the Settings tab. When you right-click in any instance of flash, it will bring up a panel, which you can navigate to uncheck the checkbox in question. For those who are having a problem with Flash, and experiencing freezes, this probably the fix you’re looking for.

As far as I’m aware, it can be a problem with video card drivers — this I’ve been more concerned about because I recently installed a new graphics card. I idiotically swapped out my graphics card without completely uninstalling any drivers and software related to my previous card. Windows 7 seemed to not care, since it promptly booted up with the correct resolution, and immediately went to look for the appropriate drivers on the internet. Thanks W7 for being smart, but bad for me, since I should have cleaned up before installing. I might have turned hardware acceleration back on for some reason, which was obviously the wrong thing to do.


An Internet Website Design Philosophy Thing # 1

For being an anime site, I’m going to have to jury rig the reason why I feel like I want to talk about website design. When one visits a site for something to read, you want an unobstructed view of the information. So if you want lovely animu boobs/dfc, you don’t want any censorship. The current modern censorship technique in anime is a blinding shaft of light that gets in the way of the scene. It can be hilarious, but it is also incredibly stupid as it destroys the presentation. It’s a definite mood ruiner. The only exception is when the censorship is part of the anime, meaning it is obviously intentional.

I recently visited a couple of Livejournal-esque pages with their content squished in narrow columns barely larger than 400 pixels, on either side of the screen. Instantly closed the browser tab and didn’t bother. On my widescreen monitor (1680×1050), that is over a thousand horizontal pixels wasted. This is a thing that I get angry over, and by you visiting my site, you’ll already notice I love using up the horizontal space. Sure, I understand the need to frame the text. Centering the content, or being considerate to those with small monitors. That is something I don’t mind.

But to those whose content is any smaller than 500 pixels and squished to either side of the monitor: fuck you.