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Podcast 13 – Games, games, and more Deathsmiles.

Sometimes you’ll go back to something you enjoyed, and remember that there was a damn good reason you enjoyed it. In my case, it’s the Deathsmiles OST. If you’re a fan of anime and heavily (or lightly) entrenched in the community, there’s a good chance you’ll know about Touhou. If you know about Touhou, you probably like SHMUPs. And when it comes to knowing where good SHMUPs come from, there’s no better example than the great people at CAVE, the guys who’ve made Dodonpachi and Mushihime-sama Futari.

We have a guest podcaster this time, and he’s Mogknight of I’m still old-school and would rather kick it physically in a single room with cheap recording equipment, rather than podcast over Skype, so I’m lucky enough to know him in real life.

I haven’t had the chance to talk about games at length, so this is a huge podcast, weighing in at 2 hours. I hope you have time to kill.

Podcast topics include Witcher 2, Dungeon Siege 3, Duke Nukem Forever, CAVE (i.e. Deathsmiles and Mushihime-sama Futari.. which I mess up saying.), Serious Sam: Random Encounter, some FFXI banter, E3 stuff, and all of the derails and spoken errors you’ve been missing out on.

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Podcast # 12 – Vindictus hurts so good

We went far too long without a podcast, so here’s an update on what happened.

Vindictus happened.

Due to that, much time was wasted on playing that game instead of being productive citizens. But fear not! I sent an email out, and friends appeared at my front door to record another podcast. We’ve obviously had a lot of time to cover, so instead of actually doing that, we just talked about whatever. To those who haven’t been listening to us, you’ll realize there’s many things that seem like we talk about repeatedly. This is totally true, which means in order to find out what is so funny to us, you’ll have to listen to previous podcasts. Yes, I’m giving you an odd reason not to listen to this current one, but it’s a warning I’ll have to give. This podcast barely has any real content aside from us meandering among topics like Vindictus, Madoka Magica, EVE Online, K-ON! music, STALKER, Wii 2/HD, Evangelion, hats, Touhou, Nichijou, Heroman, and even Dr. Who.

We also attempted to name our podcast proper. Kind of feels like we still didn’t get it.

Go listen to the Planes and Pants Podcast.


Podcast # 11 Delays and reboots

What a long time since I’ve updated. Also should have posted this earlier, but being majorly distracted due to Vindictus and studies. Mostly being lazy.

Our latest (and stupidly delayed back more than two weeks from recording date) brings topics like new Pokemon, Gintama, and various anime topics. As much as how general and vague that sounds, that’s honestly all you need to know what we’ll end up talking about. I recognize that you’d probably want a small list so we don’t waste your time.. but really, you’re listening to a podcast about 3 people talking about anime; I doubt it would sound any different from talking to your friends. Aside from us sounding more stupid.

I’ma clickin’ and a bootin’!


Podcast # 10

Will you look at that? A week since the last podcast! It’s almost like we’re on schedule or something. Almost as awesome as a pumpkin slushie.. which I’ve never had. I’ve always wondered what a pumpkin slushie would taste like. Considering Cirno here in the top image is absolutely shining with happy, I think I’ll enjoy it. I also finally watched the Third Touhou M-1 Grand Prix to hear Yuyuko say Lily White’s name with an erotic voice. Dear god I nearly passed out. The podcast doesn’t reflect this, since I watched it afterward. The other topics: I cover a news bit, in which the two main character’s seiyuu in Toradora are now cast together in a Spring 2011 anime called Hidan no Aria; particularly interesting because of the staff and studio combo. Seitokai Yakuindomo‘s OAD release, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tamayura, and Kore wa Zombie desu ka? make up the rest of the topics. I almost completely forgot we revisit FractalĂ©, which takes up a big portion of the beginning of the podcast.

And them Dyson Air Multipliers. I thank ye for new jokes. Almost willing to rename the podcast to the DAMcast. Because we love Dyson Air Multipliers.

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Podcast # 9: Because it’s a new year.

Phryne from Fractale. img drawn by hidari

It’s our first podcast of the new year. What else can you expect from an anime podcast? Obviously the forecast for some of the new series coming out, along with us rambling. It is also the podcast while we finally realize we’re essentially without a name. What good is a podcast without a name? Aside from that, we talked about that zombie anime that’s currently out (Kore wa zombie desu ka?), and somehow manage to stay on topic for a good amount of time.. but not without some off-topic commentary.

Fractale gets a rather serious discussion out of us, which we normally tend to veer away from doing. Our focal point on our Fractale discussion is the difference in culture and established norms as we know them today. With the evidence only in spoken lines I assume Fractale is definitely way past the 22nd century, but until dates are given to us, I’ll just have to use an ambiguous time frame. And since we fancy data hopping once we learn about A-1 Picture’s involvement with Fractale, we end up talking about Sora no Woto.

Oh, and I truncated the podcast and a huge section after the 1 hour and 25 minute mark was removed because I honestly think it was wasted podcast time. The first time I’ve ever listened to my own podcast and thought, “Wow. That was really drawn out and unnecessary.” Leave a comment if you’re interested in hearing the full recording.. which I doubt will happen. Nice musical intermission for that cutout was from the Death Smiles OST.

But if you’re wondering what it was, we end up rambling and finding an interesting conversation piece: think of a Japanese name, or surname, used several times over within anime. Then spit out the character you’re thinking of, off the top of your head. See how far your character knowledge reaches without being overwritten with recent & popular characters. We all know who Haruhi is. But is your Haruhi the same as someone else who’s definitely seen way more than you?

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