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A Miku Has Appeared!

While I was organizing and archiving stuff on my HDD, I completely forgot I had this sitting somewhere in my hard drive. Have a Miku.

Gimmeh teh Miku.


Touhou in mah website

So I haven’t really done anything concerning Touhou in a while. Just the occasional declaration that I’m a touhou fag. But this time you’re getting actual content!

Click the link to view a Mokou, being our favorite Mokou like usual.

It’s NSFW btw, iykwim.


Vocaloid Is Consuming Me…

It wasn’t really until a friend of mine explained most of Vocaloid to me that I got into it. Occasionally I’d hear the tunes, nod my head in tempo, then move onto more music. But I didn’t realize the amount and derth of images drawn by Japanese artists, most of them from Pixiv. Pixiv is less of an image repository and more of a place for artists to post their work. I guess I’d say it’s their equivalent to Deviantart. In any case, I had a strong urge to try my hand at drawing Miku.

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