Sexy no Chaika


Chaika! Why you be sexy on the bed? Could you do it somewhere else? Probably not. Oh well. OH YEAH.

Here we go. While we did get the usual “Let’s stand around and explain more plot.” kind thing going on, we also got some.. surprises along the way. In fact, it’s so spoiler laden, anything I say will probably ruin it for those sensitive to future particles. Yeah, I know. Normally I’d be up front, and say the spoiler warning in the same screen space as said spoiler. But this time, the least I can say, is that it’s trying to pounding home the real reason why we should be supporting our grammar limited Chaika, instead of the all the other ones that seem to retain their desire for revenge.

Also… Frederica. Uh, nevermind. That’s going to be a spoiler no matter how I say it. Only thing I can say, is that I verbally reacted with “HOLY SHIT.”

So keep watching! If you haven’t been watching this show, then.. come back later.

Seriously, Frederica. Bring a towel with you, or something. A handkerchief will do.

Sexy no Chaika

Interdimensional Fortune Cookies


Oh, little fortune cookie. How much energy and fate did you spend to receive a cameo in a random anime?

Sometimes I just sigh at minor details like this. It won’t deter me from enjoying the rest of Hitsugi no Chaika, but when there’s been very little development on the world building side of an anime, something like a fortune cookie never sits right with me. Let’s say the real world game Cookie Clicker has caused a large enough rift in the noosphere, resulting in that the concept of fortune cookies have manifested into other dimensions through artifact memories which invade a person’s DNA, ready to bring a flash of insight to a would be baker to a new culinary delight. The discovery of the fortune cookie would result in an uprising due to a huge culture turnover to the sugar empire. Old economies are destroyed, and created anew. Riots spawn all over the planet, all because there weren’t enough fortune cookies. Lives are lost. And so is my last train of thought.

In any case, go buy fortune cookies. Sometimes happiness comes in the form of fortunes with printing mishaps and your fortune says, “Get out your clothes.”

The low intensity of episode 9 might get people’s panties in a bunch. The kind that’s probably not sexy. Or is it? Doesn’t matter. I got to see loli Akari. I surprisingly haven’t had suffer any nutbladder attacks recently, so this was a decent dosage.

On a more serious note, we get some story on the Acura saboteur village, which Tohru and Akari are from. Finally! I mean, it’s one thing to be watching and getting info dumps left and right because the show wants you to understand everything as soon as possible, because ‘Our universe is awesome, so learn it’. It’s another to be information starved, which I was. Tohru and Akari were veritable treasure chests of lore and character development. It’s been 9 episodes of the Acura two siblings being doubtful, skeptical, and pragmatic (mostly). You don’t get that kind of professional vibe from a happy-go-lucky village of butter .. smiths. Butter meisters? What’s the occupational title for one who makes butter?

I’ve been hard derailed due to fortune cookies and butter. I should have expected this, since I’ve been binging on episodes of Good Eats featuring Alton Brown. Man’s a master chef, it’s gotta be said.

Interdimensional Fortune Cookies

Hitsugi no Chaika – 05


I’m really diggin’ this show. And it’s not just because the design behind Akai-Chaika. Nor is it because Akari’s violent BroCom interruptions. There’s so much just going right, I’m having a hard time trying to pay attention to any failings the show does have.

It doesn’t come off as an absolute twist in the plot, since it was discreetly shown early in the episode, but the reveal of a second team acting independently from the original Chaika trio is interesting enough for me. I like these sorts of reveals, because they don’t  readily answer and close questions faster than they can spawn. In fact, sometimes we’re better off not knowing. The amount of interpretation and fan written thoughts, observations and creations easily start to outnumber official material. Having that bit of mystery just helps it out. It’s also incredibly entertaining, if we’re going to go by just how much fan-made stuff gets created.

It’s probably not an original thing. Even I, who hasn’t read much literature, didn’t have much of a reaction. (Or maybe I just don’t react strongly.) But it’s been way more interesting than the recent entries concerning adolescence and coming-of-age. I’m not against watching anime with that theme (e.g FLCL, Toradora), but I always seem to be falling back to that crutch saying: “It’s all in the execution.” Hitsugi no Chaika so far, doesn’t suck at all. If you’ve been waiting to see if it’s worth watching, you’ve got 6 whole episodes to find out.

Also, Chaika Bohdan’s breasts are the perfect size. That’s is all.

Yeah, I’m behind the release schedule for the show. Doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to juggle Diablo 3, FFxiv, and Minecraft during my free time.

Hitsugi no Chaika – 05

Hitsugi no Chaika – 02


I really wouldn’t point a sniper rifle at that angle, Chaika. You might kill someone in the next country.

This show has proven to be more interesting than I anticipated. It’s almost leaving me with a hint of Last Exile-style of vibe. If the show takes its time establishing the world and setting, it will most definitely be more enjoyable instead of being merely about Chaika and company’s journey to gather important bits and doodads. As long as Hitsugi no Chaika doesn’t lob of its own brain in favor of ruining the current atmosphere, it will definitely be one of the better shows this year.

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Hitsugi no Chaika – 02

Hitsugi no Chaika – 01


There’s a couple of aspects of this show that I’m already highly appreciative. Our hero, under attack by a caring and violent sister, prioritized the safety of the plate and fork. He (Tohru Acura) is portrayed as a だめ男/dame-otoko/worthless person that hasn’t done his part for the sibling’s livelihood, yet they’ve left him a consistent sliver of skill and adaptability. I don’t mind it when he is designed to get us to feel for him. But I do mind it if he’s given something on a silver platter. Not only has the direction of the anime done this correctly, it’s also adopting a “Show, Don’t Tell” facet concerning how the characters are internalizing their feelings. In short, I didn’t notice a ridiculous amount of inner monologue and exposition. I’m going to be eating these words if I turn out to be wrong after this first episode, though.

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Hitsugi no Chaika – 01