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My face when chuunibyou. (EP6)


How blatant, Kyoto Animation! Do you expect me to accept this as proper Dekomori fanservice? When I ask for ass-shots, I don’t want simple angles that place the subject smack dab in the center with other elements to accentuate the fact that a girl is hunched over an open window in a very non-erotic manner! I demand other.. angles. Also, I got heavy Jin-Roh vibes from this episode. I like that movie.

Watching this episode got me thinking again about from what perspective do I watch this show? I don’t normally associate with the harem lead. On the off chance they might spout off with lines that I might have no qualms with (Junichi from Amagami SS is one), I will. I do sympathize with Togashi Yuuta on the troubles of associating with someone so brazen. Rikka keeps behaving in the manner he’s been trying to leave behind. It’s that simple embarrassment. It’s similar to hanging out with someone who has no shame acting obtusely in public. Except it’s farther into fantastical delusions — even during non-public situations. Even if I try to match the same energy of who I’d be killing time with, I still have reservations on my behavior. In large groups, I prefer to be silent simply because other people are better at socializing and mouth-flapping. Yet doing that all the time won’t get me friends.

In this aspect, I end up thinking like Nibutani: It’s worth the minute of effort to have a semblance of new experiences, even if it means acting different. I could also be over-interpreting it entirely and she’s merely attempting to shed a shameful past that she doesn’t want to acknowledge. Too bad for her. She’s in an anime. Prime material to exploit!

Capitalism, ho! Plus yayifications.


Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé


Who is that? Why do you do this Kyoto Animation?! I’ve circled the perpetrator, in red, in the above image. Given the track record KyoAni has with random scene participants, we’re most likely not going to see her again. Remember that one second in the first season of K-ON! when Yui passes by the Occult Club? A smoothly animated silhouette appears before a scene change and she’s nowhere to be found throughout both seasons. The two Occult Club members we do get to see don’t have the hair length of the shadowy figure that randomly appeared behind Yui.

This episode. This episode. I can’t handle a dere (でれ) Dekomori. Such is it that we return to our blessed previous status quo. Although it was interesting to see just how dedicated Dekomori is to the Mabinogion and Mori Summer. Is it boredom, or a coping mechanism? I’m personally leaning towards Dekomori suffering from plain boredom. It does pain me to see such vivid imaginations of chuunibyou sufferers manifest as animated scenes. We all know it looks silly (unless animated by KyoAni). But there’s also the time when you know it looks silly, and then do it anyway. That’s called growing up. Growing up also means taxes, and taxes aren’t fun. Unless you’re playing a city-building simulator, then tax away. How else are you going to fund that chemical reclamation plant?

I have.. methods. (Click here anyway to read.)