Seasons Greetings from Shimoneta


It didn’t take more than one second for me to realize who had voiced the mysterious girl with the bob haircuit and flat bangs. I’ve made it a loose effort to not look into series’ seiyuu lists because around 40% of the time it leads to less than stellar anime. Which is weird because I would actually be one to say that sometimes exceptional voice performance can raise an average show to slightly higher heights. This also means that the second I started recognizing voices, I pretty much lost the fight and went to go looking up stuff right away.

Shimoneta‘s long title (Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai) is long, therefore it must’ve been a light novel. For a while, I used to be one of those people that thought these long names were cumbersome. Now I just see that longer names allow for either more precision, artsy and poetic, or vagueness. It was the same with music, too. A lot of post-rock bands took up longer names when it simply either wasn’t viable to find nice and short names, or that they just stumbled upon a long name they wanted to use.

So who’s our darling in the above screencap? Arai Satomi of Index series fame as Shirai Kuroko. I’ve heard her a few times in roles where she strays away from her signature sound. However, this one was not even a high-school girl’s voice. It is sort of fate to begin with; Satomi-san is often employed by J.C. Staff, the ones producing this show. I haven’t noticed any glaring cameos, but then again I only just realized while writing this I could have been. Go look out for any character designs with altered or adapted outfits and color palettes. J.C. Staff tends to do that.

Let’s talk seiyuu again. To say that only Arai-san caught my attention is false. This show was already entertaining when Kajou Ayame, the show’s lead female, showed off her best “Oh ho ho ho!” in a very Slayers Naga-esque fashion. I should keep an eye on Ishigami Shizuka. She’s definitely a voice I’ve previously enjoyed. And Ayame’s companion is a capable straight man, so to me, not being any amount of annoying. Even Hyouka, the crazy scientist character, has a rather silky element to her raspy yet cute voice delivery, thanks to Gotou Saori. I definitely have to proclaim by now, this show is clearly seiyuu porn for my ears.

I would have followed this show because of Matsuki Miyu alone. She has voiced two very favorite characters of mine: Cthuko and Yoshinoya.

.. I’ll just go ahead and throw out all of my usual priorities for discerning quality shows.

I also fucking chortled quite strongly when I saw that pool get blown up. Goddamit J.C. Staff, you got me.

Seasons Greetings from Shimoneta

Surprise Hugs Aren’t My Thing


Really, it’s just one of those things I never nurtured as a human being. While most people are fine with it, the most I’ve ever been comfortable with was a handshake. Hibike! Euphonium is a phenomenal show that I think deserves more attention. Even though one could say that it already gets plenty. Hugs have nothing to do with it.. but by golly, the above screencap is exactly how I feel about hugs. My arms are just sort of in the air, and it feels weird hugging anyone. Yes, anyone. Doesn’t matter if girl or guy. Hugging ain’t my thing. What makes it worse is that sometimes they grasp you right above your elbows. The only thing you can do at that point is to feebly close in your forearms and angle your hands to attempt a reciprocating hug.

Occasionally, I’ll get awkward glances and then this snarky question: “What, are you gay?” It’s flawed logic. Have you already assumed that gay people don’t hug? If that’s true and confirmed, then maybe. I still prefer staring at the rumpus of a maiden. The curves of a woman. The highland precipices of Ryuujou. Or the leggy strength of Hong Meiling. I’d rather a girlfriend than a boyfriend, thanks very much for asking. I’ll assume a homosexual identity once I see a male character whose masculine body and charm just instantly make me say “TAKE ME!”, but until then, I’ll just ogle in the direction of the fair females that cross my vision. This obviously changes when you have characters like Totsuka from Oregairu. Suffice it to say, that’s one boy that doesn’t come across as a man, but very nearly as a reverse trap.

Sorry, I’m derailing again. Back to Hibike! Euphonium.

Kyoto Animation still hasn’t let me down. Don’t let this magic ride end, because I’m gonna be fucking disappointed if ever a day comes when such consistent quality becomes more rare than a purple Yubari melon (hint: they don’t exist). As of this week, it’s already 11 episodes in, and I haven’t done a single post about the show, despite hounding the internet for my weekly dose of KyoAni goodness. I suppose I’ll dump all of my thoughts into a closer write-up. (Might end up as a short post of me pretty much saying “WATCH THIS NOW.“)

I would like to stress that Reina hugging Kumiko out of the blue really got me into wondering why I’m so anti-hug. Something about how Kumiko’s voice actress and the general skill of the director managed to elicit my prodding of my own quirks. This is why I love anime. Always seems to get me to look at things, when I would normally never think anything of it. Life is fascinating, you know?

..At least when a director is involved.

I find myself enjoying the afterglow after finishing a show, rather than posting kneejerk first episode impressions. I’ll still do those. Just letting you know my thoughts are more coherent after things are all said and done, when one can finally consume the entire package of animation, sound, and direction.

Surprise Hugs Aren’t My Thing

Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality


Yeah. Really. Wow. Uh. Dang. That’s half of a lemon. Not exactly the omurice we’ve seen like in Koufuku Graffiti.

As much as this show is one of those shows where you’re watching it anyway because you’ve read the manga, and are curious how the team behind its production are doing, this is one of those moments where you either get angry or sad. For me, I’m just sort of sad. However, am I really that disappointed in the show? Not really, because the manga itself wasn’t some kind of bastion for sakuga either. Denpa Kyoushi’s original manga art was wanting. Still. I don’t think it’s anything to get worked up over. I just sort of laughed at this image and moved on.

If you want to focus on something else, how about that little sister, Suzune? While her VA (Matsui Rena) is obviously a newbie, which isn’t inherently bad, she’s probably within spitting distance of Kamiya Hiroshi (e.g. Hiroomi Souma from Working!!, Itoshiki Nozomu from Zetsubou Sensei and more recently Orihara Izaya from Durara!) when they recorded these episodes. Unless you’ve got the experience, anyone will stick out against a veteran of the seiyuu industry. If you stuck her in a room with similarly skilled seiyuu… she’d probably mix in.

It’s seriously not as bad as you think. At least we’re not getting another Melody of Oblivion.

Almost wanted to punch myself for remembering Melody of Oblivion. But there you have it. Yes, I’m comparing that show to half of a lemon (omurice), and the lemon is a far more enjoyable experience.

Denpa Kyoushi’s Omelette of Quality

Compact Thoughts About Nisekoi S2


Last time while watching Nisekoi, I found myself being irritated with high-school love anime. Now what am I doing watching Nisekoi S2? For the humor mostly. Chitoge’s giant grin in the above screencap was sort of a relief when the rest of the episode was sort of only adequate for my liking. I really do enjoy her character the most, which is quite rare for me, since I typically don’t go crazy for main characters very often. So that grin made me laugh. I’m also not the type of person who gets side-splitting laughs unless it’s truly out of left field physical or sudden humor among close friends. Even if I were laughing as hard as I ever did, I get incapacitating laughter. My shoulders move and I hunch over, or I just sort of plant my face into a table if I am at one. If that is not viable, I just sort of employ my fist to smash my mouth shut or bite it to try and divert my attention.

Don’t get me wrong. Nisekoi, sadly, hasn’t actually gotten me laughing that hard. While I like laughing, if it gets in the way of experiencing said humor, I’d like to continue laughing without my own bodily functions drowning out the source of my enjoyment.

Chitoge’s waifu meter is slowly passing 15%. Yeah, I know. I barely have any waifu. Even Chihiro from TWGOK realizes how much of a non-waifu person I am, despite being this addicted to anime.

Compact Thoughts About Nisekoi S2

Plastic Memories and Sudden Feels


Yay, new anime season.

I had a feeling that this show was gonna be pretty good. Ended up enjoying the show. Also, the main character has dacryphilia (arousal from seeing others crying or sobbing), probably. Not really. But I’ll tell myself it’s a legitimate reason for the above scene to have him immediately encapsulated within the girl’s charm.

Plastic Memories managed to just barely evade the high-school setting with a freshly employed 18-year-old MC named Mizugaki Tsukasa. Dogakobo hasn’t failed to disappoint on the animation front either. Yes yes, I know associating a studio with key and inbetween frame animation quirks isn’t good, since studios could simply rotate out staff members as needed, with individuals and teams that don’t need to hold any loyalty to any one production house. But how can you ignore the level of effort and time that’s crammed into nearly every first episode of every series that Dogakobo has done? Their work style on Celestial Method, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, and Engaged to the Unidentified is impossible to miss. The director from Engaged to the Unidentified is also on board, so it looks like we’re gonna get bodied pretty hard.

Spoilers ahead.

Plastic Memories and Sudden Feels