Vocaloid Is Consuming Me…

It wasn’t really until a friend of mine explained most of Vocaloid to me that I got into it. Occasionally I’d hear the tunes, nod my head in tempo, then move onto more music. But I didn’t realize the amount and derth of images drawn by Japanese artists, most of them from Pixiv. Pixiv is less of an image repository and more of a place for artists to post their work. I guess I’d say it’s their equivalent to Deviantart. In any case, I had a strong urge to try my hand at drawing Miku.

I didn’t feel like spending an entire day drawing it, so I spent only a couple of hours doing this sketch.


Some other artists seem to take a little artistic freedom drawing Miku’s accessory itamz. Working from memory, I think I did okay. Please point out any errors and criticisms – it would be nice to actually get better. Because art is hard.

Vocaloid Is Consuming Me…

One thought on “Vocaloid Is Consuming Me…

  1. Crossfrown says:

    Wow, Miku looks great :0

    I don’t see any problems, she’s perfect. The simple but visible shading and sketchy lines compliments the style well.

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