Yuruyuri is artful.

Holy frijoles.

It’ll be obvious to a lot of people that this “4 girls doing stuff” setup is boring to a lot of people, but the consistency in the art production is rather surprising. No, that doesn’t mean the entire series looks like the above screencap. (But good lord that would be amazing. In a different way.) Taking a look at who’s doing the main animation production gave me more questions. There were so many secondary animation studios helping out in episode 1. Episode 6 is a milestone, because.. Chinatsu drew the above picture. I’m just reeling with omfg and anticipation as I was watching the horrid art proceed to the next frame. It really reminds you that sometimes it’s not how well something is drawn, but what it ends up looking like.

Speaking of art, Yuruyuri is a surprising contender for the Most Consistent Art Award. Squishes, stretches, and follow up animation still showing up throughout the show. It came with a few shortcuts here and there, but nothing to be all Minami-ke about it.

One of the few things that always seems to bug me during an animated sequence, is if things don’t follow their own inertia or if the angle imposes a degrade in quality. From a personal perspective, it’s really easy to mess up perspective drawing if you’ve never drawn something at a certain angle. So I applaud the following scenes:

The first image of Chinatsu chasing Kyoko is something I’ve personally had trouble drawing. I hated angles like that because it requires a minor squash in figure proportions, but not enough deformation to resemble an extreme angle. In this scene, they are also running. Running is normally one of the first things you learn when animating, and having a believable center of gravity is necessary. Doesn’t matter how lop-sided or awkward the animation is — as long as it follows that center of gravity, it looks right. Chinatsu’s upper torso is also facing a different angle (towards Kyoko) while her legs lag behindĀ  — this is consistently held throughout the animation loop around the table. It all sounds simple, and really, it is. You’d be surprised how something simple fails so much in other anime.

The second image is just something I wanted to include, because I get to rename the file to hasan_chop.jpg.

I didn’t include it, but there’s a segment of the characters shoujo-ifying their faces. It’s just art humor. Purposefully drawing the inner face as a different style from the rest of the head always cracks me up, since I also always do that when I don’t feel like drawing seriously. Reminds me of kirby with that Abe Tatakazu face.. which they kind of did with Akari. Only she looked like her face was swapped out for Renton’s from Eureka 7 (which is another popular swap target for copypasta).

Okay, I give up. I watch it because of the loli yuri-ness of it all.


Yuruyuri is artful.

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