Thanks Youjo Senki, but no thanks to the damn LN/Manga readers.


I don’t know how people in r/anime already forgot to stop doing manga and light novel comparisons when watching an adaption. Aside from preferences and stated opinions, what is and isn’t a show doesn’t need to be based on visual anything, which is the current popular thing to decry. You lambaste shows with differing designs compared to light novel (or manga) art. Of course it’s going to look better, it doesn’t have to be animated. I don’t know if it was obvious the anime wasn’t going to look like the light novel’s art. You’d be daft to expect a studio to emulate that kind of detail. Clearly a divide was inevitable for those who had been following the source materials before Youjo Senki was adapated. We just have to wait until they leave. Although I think we’ll have the misfortune of having them stick around because they’ll watch it because “it’s so good!”. What a crock of shit. The remarks about not liking Visha’s design solely on personal preference is fine. It’s the ones that say “〈blank〉’s design is so much better in the LN/manga!” that need to go. It has no weight when judging a show on it’s own merit.

There’s one failing that I do agree with; the first Mr. Enemy Bad Man to show up was obviously going to die. While his character design is almost awkward enough to land a minor arc in something like One Piece, this show isn’t One Piece. One Piece’s overall art is wonky to begin with.

On the plus side, Hayami Saori. Her breathy voice is ASMR to me.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to repeat the “Stop Comparing it Against the Source Material” mantra thing every season. Someone else wrote a wordy thing with the same spirit as my commentary on that. I’m definitely not alone on this.

Thanks Youjo Senki, but no thanks to the damn LN/Manga readers.

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