Strike Witches Season 2

My favorite characters, Perrine (left) and Yoshika (right). A Lynette (center) is fine, too.

Oh man. Where to begin? I absolutely loved Strike Witches, so I was super hyped for season 2. In order to prepare for it, the crew here at Maserbeamdotcom decided to marathon the entire first season the day before the first episode of S2 aired. It was a good 6 hours of pantsu and plot. For those who wrote off the show as mediocre, they are mistaken. It is pure win. I’m not biased, honestly.

I don’t like thinking to deep or analytical about anime, when it comes to the type of show that Strike Witches is made to be. It’s rather cheeky fanservice, but not so blatant and crass as Queen’s Blade or Seikon no Qwaser. Those shows just felt so revolting. So what’s different with Strike Witches? For one, Strike Witches doesn’t have any girls with disgustingly large breasts that would be physically impossible. And the premise: A foreign invader with overwhelming power suddenly hikes up the intensity to conquer Earth, and the only thing we could think of to defend ourselves with is a jury rigged mechanical device made to augment and convert witches’ latent magical power for use in military applications. The details behind this odd idea is actually fairly interesting.

It’s all about the fact that these young women aren’t wearing anything over their pantsu. It’s great: the truth and reason behind that they don’t wear skirts or pants can be filled in automatically by us and remain within the mythos. They don’t wear it because they might wear Striker Units. Why are they wearing Striker Units? For the previously explained reason of military applicable reasons, and to defend against this new menace. You have a logical and legal chain of reasoning for a lack of pants. Yeah, sounds a little forced. But what’s to stop the imagination from filling in more? I can already think of a myriad of strange (that are in-mythos) reasons for these Striker Units to be a viable weapons platform instead of standard military planes and vehicles.

Put your brain into low-power mode, and enjoy the rather accurate militaristic setting of a show that’s about underwear, boobs, and weapons. Food also ends up being a theme in this show. More often than not, I find myself eating a meal while watching.


images straight from EP4S2, SW2 (yay acronyms)

Strike Witches Season 2

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