Steel Bar Combat!


Rail Wars is an okay show. I’m not sure what convinced me to watch the show. (Besides that Fukuyama Freakin’ Jun and Horie Yui are in it.)

The red-headed, trigger happy female lead, Sakurai Aoi, is starting to grate a bit on me. She surprisingly stubborn in her perception of the main character, Takayama Naoto, as a coward despite him having the will and courage to step in front of a knife to prevent a civilian from receiving a fatal injury (episode 5). Did she already forget that? Sometimes I wish characters were given a bit more believable personalities, otherwise this credence of mine in the show is going to be destroyed in less time than it takes to cook scrambled eggs on high heat.

I may have over-hyped the show for myself. I was hoping for a Toshokan Sensou type thing to occur. Instead I got a run-of-the-mill anime with a couple of savory ingredients.

If you were interested in the worth of this show, I’d skip it unless you needed some filler between the heavy-hitters of this season. Although, I suppose marathoning it now with 8 episodes to burn through might make one think to just finish what they started, since this show is going to be done soon. I’d be powerful impressed if this show managed a second season due to trains. Not even the regular fanservice was delectable enough that you’d buy the discs just for an uncensored version.

I was able to detect a Chihara Minori in the idol character’s singing style. Her output and timbre are unique enough compared to her contemporaries. But you’d never be able to tell if your only exposure to her was Nagato Yuki. Which did make me wonder what I was about to hear when I heard Nagato’s character album.

Steel Bar Combat!

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