Soul Eater Naught


My post title would have made sense if this was a pilot, or preview episode. But it’s the real deal. And I’m happy to report another polearm is the primary weapon of our main.. trio? I’ll have to admit I didn’t expect for Harudori Tsugumi, our weapon, to have two meisters competing for her. I understand though. Polearms are badass. However, I’m disappointed in the current weapon landscape of gaming, since it always lumps polearms in the same box as other 2-handers which may not be polearms.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any reading up on weapons. I enjoy the history and development of weapons. Whether they are the naginata of Japan, the lochaber axe of Scotland, or the Chinese guan dao, I love polearms. I’ve always been fascinated with these huge weapons. You can bet I’m always disappointed when the main character uses a sword. Always. Despite it being a rather elegant weapon solution for many circumstances, I dislike the sword. This is why I’m typically rooting for side characters; the main character gets the sword, and someone else gets the more interesting weapons.

As for Soul Eater Not!, we got two tasty action scenes that weren’t so bad to wet our palate. In the seiyuu department, we have Hayami Saori voicing the blonde-haired gal in the screenshot provided, Yuuki Aoi as Tatane Meme, and Chisuga Haruka as our main protagonist, Tsugumi. Pretty standard for an opening episode, but it’s established what we can expect in the future, while still being ambiguous enough in tone to allow for drastic shifts in tone. I did hear Sakurai Takahiro as one of the guys. His “cool” voice is very apparent. I’m quite happy that I was able to identify everyone’s voices except for Chisuga’s.

I lol’ed at the “Gagantous!” that seems to be Tsugumi’s key word. It’s such a simple technique to get us to remember characters.

Soul Eater Naught

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