Shokugeki no Hishoko


Hishoko is best ko (子), right?  Really. I always have a tendency to have unwieldy adoration for side characters.

Shokugeki no Soma unsurprisingly leapt straight into my ‘Watch Each Week’ list, with it’s solid execution and large amount of characters. Although, I feel that some characters may have been designed too much to be individual islands of personae — simplified and typified with no overlap or bleeding. I like it when any one single character can have a connection to the others, regardless of how faint it may be. It lends a bit more realism in an anime where you’d normally deign to think of it occurring. The show still did manage some of it. Souma, being the MC, is naturally the one who should have most of this property.  Which brings me to the big reason I decided to write about Shokugeki no Soma this late, after the show has been over.

Hisako is my favorite side character. Her being a secretary type character is my konomi, as I say with a weeaboolean expression. It truly is. If you asked me to play a D&D game with you, I’d instinctively design a character to have a female retainer at their service, whether or not I was in control of it or if it became an NPC. The hairstyle can heighten my adoration as well, and Hisako pretty much fit the bill. I decided to read the manga and see if Hisako showed up any more than her antics in the first tournament and being Erina’s aide. And then comes the silly “I ship these two together” sort of deal.

Hisako actually gets to shine along with Souma in a short arc — in the manga — containing them both. I was caught unaware. But it definitely felt more casual and less “this character will always be bitchy for plot reasons”. She started off not liking Souma for reasons associated with Erina and initial assumptions made. Then the Stagiaire occurs and I quickly elevated Hisako to higher tiers compared to the others. I really wanted Souma to get attached to her in some way, since aside from Megumi, Hisako is the only girl character who is shown to evolve from a conflict thus far. And then you get to add my side-character bias. Result: time to ship characters!

It’s not rational. I mean, I’m essentially picking a character whom I think deserves attention, then proceeding to make the assumption the main character should “get with them”. I suppose it’d be fine if they attained happiness or some form of in-story satisfaction.

I give Souma props for being a character that I heartily enjoy. (I should be giving that to the author.. but hey.) He gets even more accolades from me for attaining a closer relationship to Hisako. In my slightly oblong brain, I think Hisako and Souma make a good combination. The chemistry isn’t perfect, but reality (yes, as in real life) shows that people can adapt to each other. Why can’t my favorite anime characters do so, too? Sure, I’m being optimistic here. I don’t think it weird that some relationships seem to be more strained than they should be. Sometimes you’ll find sides of people that at first are the rough edges, but with a little effort, are worth knowing and appreciating. Other sides.. perhaps, can’t be helped.

But I don’t think there are any relationships with rifts in the ground so large you couldn’t build a bridge over. Some just take more manpower and resources to finish it. (And proper engineering.)

Fucking Dojima-senpai (VA: Takehito Koyasu) is hilarious and awesome. Even more funny since Koyasu is Dio.

That sure was one long post about how Hisako is best waifu. Not my waifu though, just sayin’. Really.

Shokugeki no Hishoko

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