Mawaru Penguindrum 1 & 2

It’s a fresh anime! So it’s now time to look at new anime like everyone else has been doing. Do I have a unique outlook? Probably not. Give me page views, please.

Very clean and solid animation, thanks to Brains Base doing the production, so in terms of visual appeal it’s alright. I do remember there being a show of questionably and wildly variable quality done by Brains Base. (Looking at you Akikan.) It seems they’ve also smartly avoided unnecessary expenditures by drawing other humans as mere sign icons. Quite reinforces that clean look — I like it. It remains looking like a regular anime, but with a strong enough style that sets itself apart. As long as the show doesn’t try to ride solely on it’s initial inertia, I think it’ll do fine.

And yes, if you’re one to follow voice actors, they’ve got some heavy hitters. Don’t recall hearing them, but Yui¬†Horie and Mamiko¬†Noto are supposed to be in. It’s mostly new people, which I appreciate, since I’m not bothered by the nagging thought, “Ah! I’ve heard this voice before.” Was a little surprised to hear Akira Ishida. His voice is rather smexy, if I do say so myself. Yes, I am male.

Anyone interested in the ED of the show will have noticed it’s done by a real band. As in it they make music that’s naturally found in the environment, just like metal ores. Coaltar of the Deepers is a group that borrows a lot of sound from My Bloody Valentine, and that general early “alternative” sound. There would be people who would kill me over lumping My Bloody Valentine in such a genre — so I’ll refer to it as noise craft. Coaltar of the Deepers stretches their sound and expands thanks to other influences. They borrow from other genres and sound a bit more pop-like, while remaining experimental. Tonality wise they go for more of a soaring and flying mood. Their music is recorded and left gritty and scratchy in the mix. I noticed they hardly process the snare sounds, so that’s a good indicator they’re aiming for that live sound. Mmm, raw distortion and snares.

I personally prefer .. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead‘s Tao of the Dead for that droning noise sound, which I suggest if you’re any amount interested in the general sound Coaltar of the Deepers makes. Anyone who does their homework (via wikipedia or other places) will find these artists tend to have that same experimental spirit.

How did this turn into a music post? Anyways, the cute girl in the top image is embarrassed because a penguin forcefully pushed her legs apart.


That staircase scene. Those LEGS. OH baby.

Mawaru Penguindrum 1 & 2

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