Let’s Hug Ren-chon.


I’m sure most of us would like to hug Renge. Although we’ll probably straight up be denied like Natsumi is right in here in the screencap.

We’re up to episode 4, and holy hell. Season 2 is even better than the first one. No, I can’t dare compare it. It’s simply Non Non Biyori as a whole being good. A damn fine show that’s perfect for relaxing your goddamn soul right to the fucking core. I also sometimes gets too frickin’ aggressively relaxed and happy when shows like this appear. It’s like some sort of energy displacement occurs, causing me to over-enjoy the show. I get so hyped, that it starts a cascading effect that amplifies my enjoyment of the show. I just end up being unnecessarily scintillating with joy when Nonday rolls around. I’ll sit in my chair with energy at 350.00%, unable to restrain it from shaking my body, but I’m completely fine not moving an inch, because why waste energy when you can enjoy Non Non Biyori with all of it? It’s an uncanny efficiency rating that the automobile industry would be jealous of. I’m not even sure what the fuck I’m talking about anymore.

I really like Non Non Biyori. I highly enjoy the comedic timing and usage of music throughout the show, and the director has never let me down so far. I was kind surprised to learn he did Kokoro Connect, which I watched, but thought was quite flawed. Maybe he’s just better at doing slice of life comedies.

Thanks Katsuwara Shinya. Mondays have never been better.


Episode 3

Renge’s disappointed face while confronting her older sister was a big highlight for me. It was funny seeing the youngest emotionally belting the older sister for being a lazy slob. However, the silly antics and methods of Kazuho are just as smart as Renge may appear to be, because there’s not much a young person can do to outwit someone who has lived much longer. In general. And don’t give me any of those exceptions, because I can see them coming a mile away. But the real reason this scene got me was because Kazuho was quick to admit she didn’t know anything about video games. And then the slow transformation of Renge’s excitement disappearing, then changing back to disappointment, leading to the empty eyes got me real hard. Light guffawing was had. The stuff after that was great too.

Actually, now that I remember it all, that was mostly episode 3. So, yeah. Episode 3 was good.

Episode 4

I actually watched this before episode 3 accidentally, since lately I’ve been watching stuff in chunks and not weekly. But Komari encountering the Renge Bozu Shovel Ghost was fantastic. It was surprisingly still sort of spooky if you can mentally observe it from a distance. If not, probably just funny. I suppose you’d have to be a scaredy cat like Komari to be able to see the creep factor. Otherwise, the most objective and not scared point of view would understand the proportions to be a child mask-wearing child with a raincoat on, and armed with a bucket and shovel. It’s always up to the mind to make up the rest into a nightmare that haunts you when you sleep.

Let’s Hug Ren-chon.

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