Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé


Who is that? Why do you do this Kyoto Animation?! I’ve circled the perpetrator, in red, in the above image. Given the track record KyoAni has with random scene participants, we’re most likely not going to see her again. Remember that one second in the first season of K-ON! when Yui passes by the Occult Club? A smoothly animated silhouette appears before a scene change and she’s nowhere to be found throughout both seasons. The two Occult Club members we do get to see don’t have the hair length of the shadowy figure that randomly appeared behind Yui.

This episode. This episode. I can’t handle a dere (でれ) Dekomori. Such is it that we return to our blessed previous status quo. Although it was interesting to see just how dedicated Dekomori is to the Mabinogion and Mori Summer. Is it boredom, or a coping mechanism? I’m personally leaning towards Dekomori suffering from plain boredom. It does pain me to see such vivid imaginations of chuunibyou sufferers manifest as animated scenes. We all know it looks silly (unless animated by KyoAni). But there’s also the time when you know it looks silly, and then do it anyway. That’s called growing up. Growing up also means taxes, and taxes aren’t fun. Unless you’re playing a city-building simulator, then tax away. How else are you going to fund that chemical reclamation plant?

I haven’t said much about the incredibly long post title yet. I’ve decided to stop being so conscious of moé levels when talking about anime to other people. At first I’ve been considerate, wondering if people can handle such non 90s style anime. This detail is relatively important, because most people I meet can recognize stuff like Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell (maybe even JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), but for some reason have limited exposure to modern day anime production. It’s rife with rounded character designs. That area a lot of people begrudgingly call moéshit — not because they’re using the word, but because they have to.

One of my favorite character designers, Kuroboshi Kouhaku, just barely skirts a fine line around the standardized moé look and his own. Take a look at Sekai Seifuku if you want to see his art style in action. It’s not his direct work, since there’s still someone’s job of re-designing characters for anime production. But yeah, go check it out. One of the more wacky shows this season. It still has a level of character detail and style that I normally associated with Studio BONES. Maybe it’s just me.

On point with Kuroboshi, there’s another anime that I’d love to reference right now. Kino’s Journey is an amazing anime that observes all that is beautiful and ugly in the world, especially of society. There are episodes dedicated to how worthless humans are. Sometimes there is hope and love. But it’s mostly how reality isn’t always portrayed as is. It is because of this cruel and despicable world that is shown to us, that when something beautiful and light-hearted is shoved center stage, we hopefully understand that the world truly is beautiful. It is the major theme of Kino’s Journey. From looking at the art alone, you probably couldn’t tell the show was that serious. (Aside from some promo art of Kino, armed with a pistol.) Kino, our MC and proxy observer, isn’t drawn like some battle-hardened veteran. Her eyes are obviously drawn stylized and not realistic. Proportions almost seem too child like. Yet, there’s a consistent and serious style to Kino’s Journey between all of the vivid and pale, and it certainly ain’t ugly to look at.

Chuunibyou is certainly out of luck though if it wanted to be taken more seriously. Where do you go for veteran moé production? Kyoto. That’s where.

… It still bothers me that the girl in the attached screencap is rather prominent, despite being in the corner of the screen, and relegated to being part of the background. She’s blushing! What kind of background character visibly blushes? I can’t get enough of that flower hairpin either. Just introduce her already, KyoAni. It’s bugging the hell outta me.

I’ve been playing a lot of Tropico 4. I forget how fun that game is. Pretty excited for the sequel, which seems to be including inter-region trading. Hope it’s not gonna be as half-assed as SimCity.

Dr. Chuunibyou or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Faggot and Love Moé

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