And now, for something completely unexpected.


All that crap I was complaining about minutes ago, was fixed because I did some brute force google-fu to find out what the fuck was wrong with my website.

To keep it short, I fixed it. I’m incredibly annoyed at how simple the problem actually was. And now I’m back to my old theme. Sorry if you actually wanted the change. Maybe I’ll take some time to alter the Minnow theme (what I switched to in a knee-jerk reaction minutes before this post to fix shit temporarily) to my liking.

I’m watching KonoSuba with utter glee because Mr. MC-kun, Satou Kazuma, is such an enjoyable personality in the anime world filled with milquetoast, plot-armored, bastard protagonists. Aqua is also holding up the fort with a level of character chemistry (and rather unorthodox yelps and screams) not often heard as well.


For a very long time, I got sick of working on my website because there was so many technical difficulties due to my semi-custom theme that a friend of mind helped code. He pretty much did most of the work. But I hate to say it, that it did not age very well. We hackneyed plug-ins and code to make it look like a layout I previously had.

Clearly, it wasn’t working out.

So I’ve decided to simply switch to an existing theme that is provided by some person on the internet that seems to be not shit, and as simple as I actually like.

I have no idea if people will like this change. But the previous code sure as hell was giving me so much grief, that I didn’t notice something was eating up my mail space. Yes. I’m not kidding. Something about an old WordPress plugin which was no longer registered as being installed, was throwing an email every minute from itself, TO itself, saying a file was non-existent. I pretty much had Aqua’s face in the above screencap when I realized this was going on.

I got sick of it, deleted the entire folder holding the bunk mail and the culprit plugin, and switched to a theme that better not be using it.

If anyone was actually wondering when I’d get back into blogging about anime, here I am. Although it seems the big trend is micro-blogging through interacting in huge groups (e.g. reddit, tumblr) which I currently don’t actively participate in. Aside from lurking on reddit.

In any case, hopefully this clean slate will help me rebuild what I usually do, and avoid that nasty stuff that was creeping up on me due to decrepit code, plugins, and whatever.

And now, for something completely unexpected.

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