Citrus – yuri without ice

Two posts with a title that contains Yuri on Ice in some form. I wonder if I can stretch it even farther.


Rejoice, my fellow clansmen! Citrus has arrived and it’s straight up yuri. It’s got Ayana Taketatsu voicing our peppy pseudo-gyaru Aihara Yuzu. And Mei is voiced by Minami Tsuda, who notably has starred in Yuruyuri. Really, if it weren’t for the obvious marketing for the show (and the super spoiler that is the OP) and art style I would have been able to go into this blind and have an even bigger reaction to the very first hint of the yuri seven minutes in.

Not much to go on as of this episode. Other than noticing that Yuzu’s mother seems to be pretty strong since she handily lifted a box that Yuzu had trouble getting off the ground, even though they both seemed to have similar body frame and size. I suppose one could say she’s a strong and independent woman… WHO DON’T NEED NO-

The teacher isn’t given much of an introduction. The beginning is already pinning him as a target for our disgust. It’s a bummer because again, plot-wise it seems too much like rote and routine just so we can get our yuri on. (I ain’t complaining.)

I am heavily breathing in anticipation of the next episode already. I don’t think I really need to try and convince others to watch. It’s yuri, and those who desire it shall find and bask in its glory.

Citrus – yuri without ice

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho – The place where Yuri on Ice jokes reside

That feel and surprise when you discover an interesting anime, but you want to keep it to yourself so that you can enjoy it in solitude. I’m kidding, of course.

Name of the game is Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, and it’s an anime original. I really am hyped for this show simply because there’s no source to refer to. It’s annoying to visit discussion threads and have to watch out for that kind of thing. I stumbled upon a good word for those kinds of people thanks to Reddit: sourcerers.

In addition to the art being fairly good, having plenty of decent angle work and actual character acting, the seiyuu list is fucking stacked. I really shouldn’t be aiming to watch a show solely for the idea of who’s voicing what character, but when a highly relevant-to-my-interests show hires a giant A-team, I’m going to watch it.

I’m particularly fond of Iguchi Yuka voice. I recently re-watched Yama no Susume after hearing about the incoming 3rd season. Her character only made a few appearances at the moment and had one line at the end of the first episode, but it was enough for me to want the next episode already.

I also have Overlord S2 to watch already. And I thought I’d at least have a break from watching anime to write stuff. Guess not.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho – The place where Yuri on Ice jokes reside

Hard drives got better.

I’ve had a technology category I haven’t used in over 3 years. Good fucking lord. I can’t believe I waited that long just to post a tech entry.

Let’s begin with my opening image. If the bro-hug is making you wary, please direct your eyes to the right-most girl. She’s flipping out because she’s a (recently awakened) fujoshi. I am flipping out, too.

For you see, Seagate has finally developed a design with more than one actuator in a spindle hard disk. It’s amazing for how long this seemed an obvious solution, but only in this most recent announcement that it’s finally a viable product. It’s very much like the lead up to the Oculus Rift. We’ve had the technology to do VR for a very long time. However, we needed technology to reach a point where it is cost-effective to do so. The Rift was simply slapping smartphone panels onto our heads, and then waiting for panel technology to get good enough.

I wondered why we weren’t making one with individually moving heads. This news item is bluntly saying we simply didn’t have the technology to get it to happen. Seagate was already making designs for a while, and now a two actuator hard disk is finally feasible.

Makes you wonder if it’s still worth it when we have SSD solutions today. I do think that spindle drives are on the way out. But having this new tech might mean that those who can’t afford the comfort of SSDs will still have a low-cost high capacity option. It also means that the SSD+spindle option will remain a popular solution for an even longer time.

However, all of this might mean nothing for a number of anime fans. Not everyone has piles of hard drives and a full tower PC. I imagine a large portion watch on their TVs via a gaming console or phone, as well as directly on their phone. So, while I’m rather excited that such technology is still developed, improving spindle-based storage might be a breath in the wind. Spindle drives would have to receive another innovation in data retention and longevity – if not simply becoming indestructible in normal or extreme operations.

Hard drives got better.

I’m sick of the blue.

Yeah. I finally got sick of the blue background and shit. There was so much that wasn’t really working or felt clean enough. So I decided to switch to a simple wordpress theme for now. Thanks for any human eyes looking at this. Writing is still kinda fun, and hopefully my words are interesting enough for others to read. Hard to tell.

I’m gonna go back to playing FFXIV. And Warframe. And PSO2. And Path of Exile.

I play too many games.

Almost forgot to mention this is merely a status update. Articles will have to be pruned, and new ones might be coming simply because there’s always new anime to watch.

I’m sick of the blue.

Thanks Youjo Senki, but no thanks to the damn LN/Manga readers.


I don’t know how people in r/anime already forgot to stop doing manga and light novel comparisons when watching an adaption. Aside from preferences and stated opinions, what is and isn’t a show doesn’t need to be based on visual anything, which is the current popular thing to decry. You lambaste shows with differing designs compared to light novel (or manga) art. Of course it’s going to look better, it doesn’t have to be animated. I don’t know if it was obvious the anime wasn’t going to look like the light novel’s art. You’d be daft to expect a studio to emulate that kind of detail. Clearly a divide was inevitable for those who had been following the source materials before Youjo Senki was adapated. We just have to wait until they leave. Although I think we’ll have the misfortune of having them stick around because they’ll watch it because “it’s so good!”. What a crock of shit. The remarks about not liking Visha’s design solely on personal preference is fine. It’s the ones that say “〈blank〉’s design is so much better in the LN/manga!” that need to go. It has no weight when judging a show on it’s own merit.

There’s one failing that I do agree with; the first Mr. Enemy Bad Man to show up was obviously going to die. While his character design is almost awkward enough to land a minor arc in something like One Piece, this show isn’t One Piece. One Piece’s overall art is wonky to begin with.

On the plus side, Hayami Saori. Her breathy voice is ASMR to me.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to repeat the “Stop Comparing it Against the Source Material” mantra thing every season. Someone else wrote a wordy thing with the same spirit as my commentary on that. I’m definitely not alone on this.

Thanks Youjo Senki, but no thanks to the damn LN/Manga readers.